Match Making Rating

Advancements in the gaming industry include the ability of players to switch accounts in cases where there is a need to participate in a ranked game. Match Making Rating (MMR) occurs when such a player participates in a ranked game from the account of a professional player. Also known as an elo boosting MMR is said to happen in cases where a designated player (who is not the owner of a gaming account) participates in a ranked game in order to improve the account owner’s overall standing.

The impropriety of elo boosting

Elo boosting is often mistaken for a victimless crime. However, an elo boost has a number of negative effects both to the players, and the game, in general. The league gaming system is designed and prepared in such a way that the respective players are placed in a pool of players of similar skill levels. An unnatural boost of a designated player will result in faltering of such a player when slated for a game in their ‘new’ tier. In such situations the boostee ends up degrading the game experience especially when they are unable to keep up with the highly ranked players in the ‘new’ tier.

The sharing of account information is an unethical practice. Thus, elo boosting poses a threat to an account’s security. There are reported incidences where boosters end up stealing or selling off a boostee’s gaming account. Elo boosting, in general, devalues the commitment of players.

Punitive Measures for Elo Boosters

When a gaming account is suspected of boosting, a two week account suspension protocol is implemented.In addition, players suspected to engage in elo boosting are striped of Ranked Rewards acquired in the previous seasons. Elo boosters, and boostees are further excluded from obtaining Ranking Rewards for the on-going season. In cases where suspects are repeat offenders a permanent ban from the League is proposed.

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