Choosing right web hosting provider is as much important as having a blog/site for online business. Best hosting can increase returning traffic, as it`s hosting which is main reason behind site speed.

Below are listed 5 steps to help you choose best web hosting.

#1 Reliability is the first thing to check

Unfortunately many people when they decide to start a blog, they look for hosting who provides more disk space, bandwidth etc  actually you need to check it`s reliability, percentage of your site up is very important.

When you have lots of disk space, bandwidth, more useless stuff and your blog is down maximum what will you do?

Decide based on its uptime and server capability.

#2 Do some research

Use Google, Bing or any other search engine you like and search for reviews about the web hosting you selected. Don`t get out to buy just reading one review, research here mean real research! Hope you got it.

#3 Ask their current customers

Best way to get a review about any business asking their current customers. Even, asking old customers will not work out. get some handful of customers and contact them directly, or you can participate in web hosting forums to get current customers. I knew it takes time but this is one time work.

#4 Test their customer support by yourself

Visit their site and contact their customer support through live chat and see how they interact with you. If you`re technical enough to ask them then pose them few technical questions, else ask them basic questions.

#5 Don`t go for cheap hosting

You may be attracted by many hosting companies with low price, high bandwidth and diskspace. Don`t every go for them, as they can`t guarantee to be up for max time as they are overselling it.

Which is the Best Hosting Company?

The best hosting company, as am writing now is Unturned Server Hosting, reason is simple I`m using it and I found it reliable.

Have you lost your phone? Or simply just forgot your iCloud account and now you can’t access your saved contacts, notes, and other digital information on your iPhone or iPad? Don’t worry anymore because I will teach you how to have your iCloud Unlock.

To unlock your iCloud account without your username or password, you have to download a tool that can bypass the Apple Activation Menu. The bypassing of this security feature needs a special digital tool, and this tool can come in the form of ‘Doulci’.

What is Doulci?

Doulci, is an iCloud alternative and bypass tool, it allows one to access their iCloud account without the password and username. The tool is available to operating systems of Windows, Linux, and Mac. The tool allows you to access and recover your important and precious files that have been stored on your iCloud account.

How to use Doulci

Doulci is easy to use. Just search it in Google and you will find their website there. You don’t need to download Doulci because it is a tool. Just open your the host file of your operating system which can be found here C:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts (for Windows users) and also the host file on your Mac, which can be found here /private/etc/hosts.

Next thing to do is to edit your I.P address and add the ‘Magic Line.’ Magic Lines can be:

Next thing to do is to connect your device to your computer, go to the activation lock and open your iTunes. You will be prompted by a message that says your server is not trusted, just accept the message and continue. Wait for a couple of minutes, and then you are good to go, you have now bypassed and accessed your iCloud account.