When you hire a Dubai escort, you need to remember a few things in order for you to make the most of the night. Like every other woman, escorts too love to be treated with respect, care and love. When you plan a spending a night with one, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

Before She Arrives

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind before you get into action. Make sure you have a clean place with a clean bed sheet and covers. Make sure the bathroom is clean too. Keep all the toiletries and towels fresh and loaded in the bathroom. To add a romantic touch to the night, you can choose to use scented candles or even a sensual fragrance to build the mood.

When She Arrives

Once she’s arrived, make sure you treat her just as you would treat a guest who is visiting your home. Offer her something to drink and maybe even ask her if she’d like to eat dinner. It’s important to get friendly, but not too friendly immediately since this makes escorts a little uncomfortable. Talk to her for a while before you hand her the money. Make sure you put the money in an envelope instead of just handing her over a bunch of messy notes. Once you pay her, you can gradually proceed to the next level.

Getting Started

It’s no secret why she’s visiting, so you need to get things started as soon as you can so you can spend more time in bed with her. Make sure you discuss what she is comfortable with and what you like as well. Ask her what she likes so you can have a little fun by turning her on.

While most escorts in Dubai carry condoms when they visit a client, it is not a bad idea to stock up some for yourself too. You need to remember that she is here to please you, but there are boundaries and if she asks you to be gentle you should always cooperate.