The new Fantastic Beasts movie is out and it takes us down memory lane like no other. Looking at the castle with our favourite teacher Albus Dumbledore in them takes us on the same journey that we had once started when we were kids. This movie and this entire series are going to show us a side of Dumbledore that we have never seen and unravel mysteries that could dazzle us beyond our mediocre imagination. If you think that I am talking nonsense then you can watch Harry Potter series once again on gostream movies.

The best Harry Potter movie has to be the finale one which manages to live up to the expectations of the numerous fans all around the world by providing both the suspense and the emotion that was required to finish off this breath-taking series. Harry’s quest for the Hocrux’s and him finding the truth about Dumbledore, Snape and in the end, his own destiny leaves us, the fans of the series right on our edges and there before you know it, Harry is standing in front of the Hogwarts Express, unfolding a new journey for his family and friends.

Our second favourite movie would be the Half Blood Prince again because the movie ends up answering so many of the questions that we have and prove us all right about the Professor we hated (maybe not). It introduces us to a new world of dark magic that we would have expected as the series was unfolding but absolutely had no idea about. The tragic end just leaves us wanting for more as we can’t wait to move on to the next movie, to see Harry’s destiny unfold.

The Socerer’s Stone and the Prisoner of Azkaban are the two other movies that probably deserve a special mention.

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