Birthday Party Ideas For Boys That Are Budget-Friendly

Birthday parties can be fun and relatively easy to throw, but keeping them budget-friendly is a different story. When trying to come up with cheap birthday party ideas for boys, it can be difficult at times, but there are budget-friendly options. Such companies as Factory Card Outlet, Oriental Trading Company,, Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, and others, can help take the sting out of birthday party expenses. Here are some ideas that will help you host an inexpensive birthday party for boys without depleting your wallet or purse. So you no longer have to call for a casino rental company. You just have to be creative and resourceful and it will be a success.

Baseball – Baseball is a hit for almost any young man, and a themed birthday party can be super budget-friendly. To save even more money on entertainment, schedule the party on the day or night of a favorite team’s game, or organize a game of your own outside if the weather is good.

Football – Much like the baseball party, the football party can be a big hit, especially during football season and can be organized in much the same way.

Racing – While not every young man is a racecar fan, if yours is, chances are he is probably a BIG race fan. A party centered on fast cars and fun can get your boys pumped up for the big race!

Swimming – If you have a swimming pool or you know someone who does, a swim themed party can be a great way to stay within your boy’s birthday budget. Cheap entertainment can save you big!

Cartoon – With so many cartoons on the tube these days, throwing a favorite kid’s cartoon theme party could be the way to go.

Movie – Depending on the boy’s favorite movie, you might be able to find themed party supplies that are well within your budget. Consider renting the movie, if you don’t own it already, to save money and play it in the background while your budget-friendly boy’s birthday party is taking place.

Pirate – Pirates are big these days, and plastic swords, eye patches, and some pirate hats can be cheap party supplies. While I wouldn’t recommend renting the talking parrot, a few inflatable palm trees and some plastic hooks for hands could really add some flavor to this budget-friendly boys party.

Dinosaur – There is many a young man who has started life with an intense interest in these creatures of the past. So why not make him happy with a budgeted birthday party chocked full of dino-themed supplies?

Train – Little boys love trains, whether they are five or fifty-five. While a real train set might set you pack a couple hundred dollars or more, you can pick up train themed party supplies for a song.

Firefighter – For an inexpensive boy’s theme party centered on an actual career possibility, consider going the firefighter route. You might even be able to talk your local fire department into making a drive by appearance!