Musically has become one of the most popular musical apps that you can download these days. While there are a number of musical apps that are available in the market, one of the major reasons why you need to try out musically is because this app allows you to do a lot within it and this means that you can manage to create some of the best musical videos that you can later share with your friends and family.

The best part about the app is that you can also get free Musically followers when you start sharing your videos and this gives you a lot of confidence in terms of how you can become more popular and how well people take your songs. You also start to get more fans and this encourages you to do what you do best. Once you start getting noticed you will gain a lot of popularity and before you know it you will be on the path towards becoming a successful singer.

People often find it very difficult to make it big in the world of music. This is because of the competition that already exists. However with the help of musically you can now rule the world of music with ease. You will have no trouble doing so because musically helps you to make sure that you get the opportunity to show your talent to the world. The best part is that you will be able to do so as many times as you want. However you need to be careful about not overdoing your videos because if it is not that trendy, people will get bored of watching it over and over again. You need to release videos at regular intervals and make sure that your talent gets noticed.

One of the aspects which is always looked into when you talk about celebrities is most definitely their net worth. It’s basically how rich they are in terms of the assets that they have. Having said that, celebrity net worth is always going to be indeed, a hot topic. If you would want to know how possibly high celebrity net worth could actually be, then sites like business insider, as well as gives you the information you basically want from these. Having said that, here are just 2 of the 20 richest celebrities based on their net worth, according to business insider.

P Diddy

As they say, music is one of the most popular forms of art which basically everyone could relate to nowadays. It is not a surprise, therefore, to see how certain celebrities have found both fame and fortune for being successful in the world of music. One of those who have really gained lots of wealth through his music is P Diddy, or Sean “Diddy” Combs. His net worth is a massive $780 million, and found all this fortune through establishing a record label in 1994, Bad Boy Records, which has launched several rappers to fame as well, such as Notorious BIG, Craig Mac, etc. Apart from owning a record company, his fame could also be attributed to his entrepreneurship skills, as well as the strong roster of artists he has signed to his label.

Dr. Dre

Another artist who has found his way to fame and fortune through a similar route is Dr. Dre, or Andre Young. His beginnings could be traced back to being a part of the rap group NWA in the 80s, with him launching a successful solo career in 1992. He eventually turned to music production, which allowed him to launch popular rap artists like Eminem and Snoop Dogg.

It’s no secret that actors and actresses get paid filthy lot of money because of their movie deals, reruns of their shows on television and also endorsement deals. Most of them have so much money that if they stopped working right now, they could live their entire life blissfully. Here is a list of the richest celebrities.


The first person and the richest person on our list are a comedian, actor, writer and producer, Jerry Seinfeld. He was the writer, producer and actor of the famous show called Seinfeld which started the era of shows centered on a group of friends. He has also been the creator of various other shows like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and also signed a massive endorsement deal of $10 million with Microsoft, and all this has lead to him in amassing a massive $820 million.


The second person on our list has featured in iconic movies like Top Gun and Mission Impossible. He was known for doing his own stunts on the Mission Impossible saga and was even paid $290 million for one of the movies. He has started making way lesser movies now but he can only do that because he has amassed $480 million worth of wealth.


Johnny Depp is known as a chameleon for the great variety of roles that he does. He even has 3 Oscar nominations and is probably known as one of the best actors of his age. He has done many movies with his partner Tim Burton and was paid $185 million for the Pirates of the Caribbean Series. He is worth $450 million.


Tyler Perry has come a long way from writing plays and has featured in famous TV shows like Have and the Have Nots, For Better or Worse and if Loving you is Wrong. He has also featured in the Madea movie Series and is worth about $450 million.

The lottery is playing by many people and everyone is trying their luck. Now a lot of people are here who want to know more and more concepts about lottery and they can take a help of lotto Dominator review which contains vital description about this and also have a lot of strategies., Now I am going to tell some mistakes which are commonly made by people and you can get the knowledge about that by the upcoming article and it will also help you in the game.

  • The first and biggest mistake is that people don’t know about playing a game and they pick the wrong lottery game. They don’t consider that which game is better and which prize amount will leave an impact on their life. These are the most important factor which holds a great position in the selection of game and you should not ignore all this.
  • People choose almost those numbers which are related to them like birth dates or wedding anniversary dates. In this basically, you create a limit and make some restriction which is the bad move. People just have the myth that these meaningful dates are lucky for them but you should don’t do this.
  • Playing too much or too little is also a difficult thing which is too hard to decide. Actually, both things are good on the other hand bad as well. It all depends on the situations like if people have no tension of budget then they try again and again and if not don’t waste money and play wisely. Some people just try many times and waste money which is not good.

These are some mistakes which can see most of the times and you should keep these in mind while playing and don’t repeat anyone.

Almost everyone likes to have a professional wedding photographer for their wedding so as to capture the memorable event. A lot of people make a mistake of not inviting professional photographers and trusting the newbies. This can be really disappointing and frustrating at the same time. You may feel that you have found the best wedding photographer but that might not be the case and this could create a lot of problems. In this article, we have listed some of the steps that you can follow to find the best professional wedding photographer Toronto for your wedding. Go through the steps mentioned below

  • The first step is to seek the help pf family and friends. You can start by asking your family and friends if they know about a wedding photographer in your area who would be able to take up the assignment for you.
  • You may also use google to find the leads and there is a specialized website to find the photographer. The website is and the website has the listing of all the photographers as per the hourly charge and the city.
  • Once you have shortlisted the photographers, you can check about their photography style and you can also share the requirements with them. Most of the people requests for the edited version of the photographs but some may ask for RAW format. Hence it is advisable to check it up with the photographer about the same.

  • You may also check the reviews about the punctuality of the photographer as there are some photographers who have a habit of being late and that could spoil a perfectly planned ceremony.
  • Do not go by the awards or the marketing information shared by the photographers as they can be biased and bogus as well. Therefore it is advisable to do your own research before finalizing the photographer.

Wushu is popular ancient Chinese martial arts that used as an exhibition as well as a contact sport. This style of traditional martial arts was developed in in China after the year 1949. Wushu is a Chinese term that means ‘martial arts’. In the modern age, Wushu has achieved the status of being an international sport, and there are several institutes spread across China and other parts of the world to train people on this form of martial art. If you live in Singapore, you will also find several Wushu Singapore institutes that offer courses for this style of martial arts.

Wushu is basically composed of two different disciplines – taolu and sanda. Read on to find out the basic characteristics of these two disciplines.

Taolu is a popular form that comprises of different patterns and maneuvers for which the participating players are judged as per the rule. This usually comprises of the basic movements such as kicks, stances, sweeps, balances, punches, jumps and throws. These competitive forms usually have a time limit which may vary from 1 minute to 20 seconds. Some of the internal and external styles may last as long as 5 minutes. You may learn the Taolu form at any Wushu Singapore coaching center.

Sanda, also known as sanshou, is a contemporary style of fighting and this form is influenced by the traditional sport of Chinese boxing. It comprises of various forms of Chinese wrestling methods that is known as Shuai jiao and various other Chinese grappling techniques called Chin Na. Sanda is very much like Muay Thai or Kickboxing, which are popular forms of martial arts played in various parts of Asia.

As one of the oldest and long lasting sports, Wushu has evolved as a popular martial arts form in different schools. It displays amazing techniques and colorful features that gratify the diverse needs of people.

If you would like to learn Wushu then check out the various Wushu Singapore training institutes and coaching centers for more details.

Hollywood celebrity net worth are soaring high. Though make mostly dominated the list, however there were a few female Hollywood celebrities too. Here are the top female celebrities with the highest net worth.

Oprah Winfrey

She is a popular actress, American TV host, producer as well as philanthropist. She is the highest paid female celebrity so far. Oprah has the highest net worth which include male and female with a huge pay of $290 million. However, she lost her top position in the Powerful Celebrities to Lady Gaga, a very popular singer.

Lady Gaga

She is the 2nd celebrity with the highest net worth of amounting to 90 million in 2010. Even if she ranks next to Oprah with regards to net worth rank, however she is the number celebrity in the latest age media ranks like social rank and web rank. She also ranked #2 in press rank and replace Oprah as the powerful celebrity in the Forbe’s list.

Bethenny Frankel

She is the 3rd female celebrity with the highest net worth. This lady makes her entry into the list with a bang. She ranked 3rd richest female celebrity that has a net worth of 55 million dollars. This girl might not be as big as Lady Gaga or Oprah when it comes to popularity but she has handles her resources rank is comparable to lots of tops celebrities.

Ellen DeGeneres

She is an American stand-up comedienne, a television host as well as a popular and award winning actress. She is best known for “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with $45 million net worth.

It may be a huge surprising that none of the Hollywood actresses make it to the top five list of the highest paid female celebrity. It is relatively notable that some of female celebrities listed above have built a kind of brand in themselves that leads to more earnings as well as  popularity opposed to Hollywood actresses which are lagging behind in which field.

Judi bola is really popular in countries where football is considered to be popular and in case you’re one of those people who enjoys betting on football there is no need for you to shy away. Earlier people had to go to a local bar in order for them to bet on football however they can now bet online without having to spend too much money. In case you’re wondering why you should bet on football online instead of visiting a local bar or a casino then here are a few benefits of online betting that you should get yourself well versed with.

To begin with when you bet online you end up saving on a lot of money mainly because you no longer have to drive to the place where they will accept your bets and this makes it very easy and convenient for you to sit in the comfort of your own home and bet whenever you want to. When you are at home you independently choose what team you choose to spend on and there is never going to be any pressure from people around you.

This helps you to have a clear mind and you will never end up betting on a team that you were never keen on betting on in the first place. Most bars and casino usually charge you a lot of money for the drinks and when you choose to bet at such place, you order a few drinks for yourself and this means that you will spend more money than you actually would have if you would have bet online. When you place your bet online all you need to do is pick your favorite team and place a bet depending on what you think is most convenient for you.

Hiring for your wedding entertainment can be a frustrating and lengthy process. Despite the fact that there are professional and impressive wedding entertainment bands, it’s difficult to compete with wedding DJ’s versatility on what they offer. This is the reason why engaged couples choose to seek for DJ services especially when they wanted to acquire the best and most exciting wedding ever.

Work With The Best Wedding DJ

Finding the most professional דיג’יי לחתונה is about meeting with reputable companies, developing strong relationships and going with what they offer. Choose a company where the DJ’s are professional, skilled and knowledgeable in giving you entertaining and pleasing music all throughout the wedding day celebration.

You also need to choose a company that offers paperwork at the right place and condition. Be sure to read the contract before you sign it. Apart from that, take into consideration the quality of the service they are going to offer you. If you’re a new client of the DJ service company, then you may ask for some reviews from the previous customers which they have rendered the service. This is highly essential as it gives you excellent information on what the DJ service company can provide you.

As you follow the tips as mentioned earlier, rest assured that you can select the most reputable and best wedding DJ suited for your wedding celebration. Since there are lots of DJ service companies out there who may offer their wedding services, arming yourself with the best tips in the selection process is an essential thing to do.

The presence of wedding DJ during your wedding plays an essential role to make your wedding day memorable and extra special. So, if you aim to acquire such type of wedding, then hire for the most professional and skilled wedding DJ now!