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Online Surveys: Ways to Make Money

I always laugh when I get an email that states I can get a $1,000 Walmart gift card by completing a simple 5 question survey. Of course, I know that filling out online surveys may be a waste of my time. I would like to think that there are paid online surveys out there, but it’s very unlikely I could make $1,000 for such minimal effort. I would like to explain how you can tell if a paid online survey offer is a hoax. I would also like to share with you instances were filling out online surveys may be worth your time such as

What is a Paid Online Survey?

It’s fairly obvious that a paid online survey is a survey you fill out online in return for money. I think the most important issue to address is what a paid online survey is NOT. A paid online survey is NOT a means to an end. It is not an easy way to pay your bills.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If you could really earn $1,000 in 5 minutes filling out a simple survey, everyone and their brother would be doing it and the economy would not be in the condition it is now.

When are Paid Online Surveys Legitimate?

Filling out online surveys could be a legitimate way to make money in some instances. You can tell if a paid online survey is legitimate if the pay is low – usually under $5 for 20-30 minutes of work.

Why Would you Take Time to fill out a Paid Online Survey?

If you only earn peanuts by filling out online surveys, why would you do it? I have done it on occasion. Why? Because I too perform research for my graduate studies. I understand the importance of surveys in market research. It’s my way of giving back to businesses and building a bank of “good research karma”, so to speak. Hopefully, the tedious hours I have spent filling out boring surveys will pay off in that one day someone else will sit at a computer and fill out research surveys for me.

If you are genuinely interested in helping a company improve, you should fill out paid online surveys. If you are doing it for the few bucks you’re paid and nothing else – DON’T! Your inattention to detail will hurt the research more than help it.

Do you Know of Any Legitimate Paid Online Survey Companies?

Yes, I know of a couple of companies for which you can fill out online surveys in return for menial pay. The only two that I will vouch for are Survey Savvy and American Consumer Opinion. Both are BBB accredited. The pay under both programs isn’t much. However, you can rack up $10 or so here and there.

  • If you would like to check out Survey Savvy, click HERE.
  • If you would like to check out American Consumer Opinion click HERE.
  • Are There Any Other Times Filling Out Online Surveys is Worthwhile?

I just filled out an online survey for JC Penney’s today, which is what inspired me to write this article. I got my hair cut yesterday at the Wolfchase Galleria and on the back of my receipt, there was a website I could go to and fill out a survey. In return, I would get a 15% off coupon to use on my next purchase. I plan on going to JC Penney’s next weekend to buy some drapes, so I know I will use the 15% off coupon.

I also bought lunch at Schnuck’s today. Schnuck’s is a grocery store similar to Kroger. On the receipt I received, I had a website that indicated where I could fill out an online survey and be entered to win a $150 Schnuck’s gift card. It took 10 minutes of my life, and if I win $150 that means I can go to Schnuck’s 15 times for free and buy their fried chicken.

In short, you will never get rich quickly by filling out online surveys. If you get a paid online survey email that promises large monetary benefits, delete it immediately. However, if you wish to help companies improve their products, processes, and services you can fill out online surveys in return for small amounts of money. Over the course of a few months, you may earn enough to go have a nice meal. Don’t expect anything more than that.

Three Different Three-Step Methods To Make As Much As $1000 Or More Online In a Month

These approaches are ideally suited to people new to making money online. These methods don’t rely on having an existing business (online or off), much (if any) startup cash and, best of all, they require virtually no knowledge of HTML or any other coding language.

1) Affiliate Approach:

Build a free website about something of interest to you and use affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing gives you a commission on each sale made to someone who goes to a merchant page from your website. These commissions range from %1 to %90, depending upon the product. I’ve seen sites like this make up to $500 in a single day once they are set up. This costs you no initial cash to set up – only time. Some steps can be followed to get online learning to earn income from Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 reviews. The availability of the content is positive and informative for the fashion industries. The sales with the fashion industries are increased to improve the revenue and income. The commission with the learners should be significant to meet with the income needs.

a) Start a blog about anything you know and can write bout

b) Make 20 posts in a one-week period. Each of these should contain two paragraphs of good content relevant to the topic or theme of your site – not spam or copied content (against WordPress TOS)!

c) Insert affiliate links from a site like, which give you a commission on any sale they make. Keep in mind that it is against WordPress policy to use affiliate links to programs you don’t use personally, so stick to businesses you know, use and trust.

2) Contextual Marketing Approach:

Likewise build a site of interest to you, but focus on bringing in traffic for Adsense revenue. Adsense pays you per click – so more traffic to your site means more clicks which means more revenue. However, you can’t use WordPress for this – they won’t allow Adsense. So you’ll have to sign up for Blogger, which has built-in Adsense, or put it up on your own website.

a) Start a blog about something that is popular enough to have numerous forums about it

b) Join 10 such forums and begin posting – showing people you are an authority on the issue/topic

c) After your 10th post on each forum, add a link to your site as part of your signature

3) Auction Ads Approach:

Create a highly-targeted niche site about one specific product or a small set of products that are all very similar in nature (this is critical – don’t be too broad!). That way, the AuctionAds you put on your site will be more relevant to your site. This you’ll have to do on your own website – neither WordPress nor Blogger allow you to insert AuctionAds. However, you make %30 of each sale made to anyone who links via AuctionAds to Ebay and buys anthing – it doesn’t even have to be the product they were looking for in the first place!

a) Choose a niche and post about it as much as possible (e.g specific computer games/accessories)

b) Title all links and post headings with the goal of raising search engine rankings in mind (supercool game reviews)

b) Insert AuctionAds into your site – with appropriate keywords (e.g. Playstation 3 games)

Each of these strategies has a high profit potential, alone or combined. This can also be implemented with little or no setup cost to you. So, if you have the time and not the money – this is the way to go! Best of luck getting started. Of course, the disclaimer is a must: none of these strategies is guaranteed to work. Also, be sure to double-check the Terms of Service of any of the services and/or products mentioned above!