Decorating Ideas for a Small Beige and White Bathroom

A bathroom does not have to be the size of a small bedroom to provide adequate space for personal care. With a few simple decorating techniques and simple additions, it can be exceptionally stylish and provide plenty of space for storage and more. Even a long narrow bathroom with just enough space for a bathtub, sink and toilet can look spectacular.

I am currently in the process of planning the decorating scheme for a small beige and white bathroom. The floor has light blue floral accents, and the decorating possibilities are limitless. My client prefers a freshwater fishing theme, and I plan on added a few fishing themed items along with a little added space for storage. It is going to look fantastic, and I recently presented my client with a few of my ideas.

Tasteful Ways to Add a Few Themed Items to the Space

Themed decorating schemes are popular, but they are not impressive when overdone. If someone wants to decorate a small bathroom or any space in their home in a specific theme, I recommend selecting two or three high quality items rather than filling it with decor of any subject. It will tastefully convey the theme while adding personal style.

I suggested decorating my client’s small beige and white bathroom with a unique soap pump that looks like a lantern, a wooden wall hanging of a row boat and a small detailed bluegill sculpture. He loved the idea, and he said I could proceed without providing further decorating options. Information about what are worcester bosch prices 2020 will be available for the person with the experts. The Style of the boiler will match with the design of the kitchen. 

Add a Wall Mounted Beige or White Storage Cabinet

My client has a small linen closet at the end of his upstairs hallway, but it is not quite enough. He needs room for bathroom accessories, and I have something stylish in mind. I found a small white wooden cabinet. The walls are beige, and it will contrast beautifully against the creamy neutral hue. I plan on mounting it on the wall above the toilet where it will be out of the way. Since the bathroom is small, it could be bumped in any other location.

Make Plush Bath Towels a Part of the Decorating Scheme

Bath towels and washcloths are a part of the decorating scheme in any bathroom. After all, they take up a considerable amount of space when hung on wall bars, and they are highly visible. When decorating a small beige and white bathroom they should pick up a bathroom accent color. Since my client’s bathroom has blue accents, I picked up a set of plush sky-blue towels and beige wash cloths. I plan on hanging the bath towels on a rustic wooden bar, and I will top them with diagonally arranged beige washcloths. The two colors will look phenomenal together, and the decorating scheme will be complete.