Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit Review

Few of us can remember back when such games which tried to make an adaptation of Heaven or Hell setting. Such games were Dante’s Inferno made by Visceral Games and Darksiders franchise made by Vigil Games, both were very good in their own way. But some guys in Arkedo Studio thought that there was not enough “heaven or hell” stuff so they decided to make something unique and hilarious. And Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is such a game.

You are playing as Ash Dead Rabbit who is a Prince Of Hell and has a lot of minions. Everything goes well for him until one night when he was taking a bath with his rubber ducky and somebody took some photos of him. And, of course, they were later published on Hellternet (Yup, that’s right) and drove Ash crazy. To save his sanity and honor, he decides that the best solution to this problem is to just kill 100 different monsters in Hell and Heaven as well. Here the hilarious adventure of dead rabbit begins.

Right off the bat you want to laugh but you must remember the point that the game is made just to laugh at hilarious and poor plot which makes everything alright here. Although it should be pointed out that the characters in the game communicate with each other via text. There are no voice overs for the characters at all, except for grunts and other stuff. And that is a bad point. The reviews related to the video games should be checked to Buy Smurf Account LoL from the online sites. All the characters will have their specific role in the video game.  the playing of the games will be interesting for the players with the friends and relatives. 

Gameplay is all fine here, as any other 2D sidescroller-platformer it works out well, but with minor flaws that make you curse. A good thing is that gameplay is awesome. Ash can use many different weapons to dispose of enemies as well as grind on them with his sharp wheel-jet pack-grinder, which is awesome. It can also be used to clear paths to different locations.

Ash can find different “loot” like diamonds and other stuff which serves as currency in the game. Later you can visit shops to buy new guns, upgrades for them, and even hats just for fun. The best part of the game is how you dispose of all the 100 monsters during your playthrough. When you hit your monster you will be thrown into a mini game like section to push some buttons or do other tasks to make a finishing blow on your bad guy and later watch how Ash disposes of him. There are a lot of different animations how he will do that, and they are all hilarious to watch, but a shame that they will all repeat themselves over again.

After disposing of the monsters, they will be banished to “The Island” where you can assign them different tasks in four sections. Later, when you return to the game, you will get some pleasant surprises like health, loot, and other stuff.

Also, in later stages, you will be able to do some different challenge missions. They are divided in such categories as race, collecting all of the coins, and the list goes on. There are also some sections which require you to travel on foot. And while you are on foot you have no weapons at all, so you will be vulnerable to attacks. This is what makes the game challenging.

The graphics look gorgeous. It is made in a comedic way and is very colorful. Each stage is incredibly well done.

The soundtrack is fine. Each stage is filled with each own track which brings the right mood although, you will feel sick after visiting “Happy Side” of the game because the music will make your ears bleed.

And finally there are some things that will get on your nerves: You might think that the controls on the joystick could be a little bit better and, most of all, killing your enemies may seem a bit hard as they must stay on screen so your projectiles will hit them, so that’s the most frustrating thing about the whole game.

All in all it’s a great game to enjoy, and you will have some good laughs. One of the best downloadable games of 2012 for sure. 8/10.