Helpful Hosting Guide Any Web Publisher Must Read

Quality Free Web Hosts

During the time that I’ve spent working as a part time website publisher, I’ve noticed that working as an independant publisher using his own spare time and his own money, the different costs of running a website can be annoying when your not prepared to spend huge sums on things like bandwidth and hosting costs.

This article will show you some useful, and free, resources that you can use on your site. I intend to break the miss conception that all free hosts on the internet are low quality and only aimed at novices. I’ll admit that there are plenty of bad free hosts that are just a waste of time, you can certainly save a lot of cash by not bolting off and signing up for the first 20$ / month hosting plan that you find.

But when talking about gaming, you need a stellar hosting service for it. So,  simply find a cheap option to begin.

Hosting is usually the biggest cost of running a website. But cutting corners on this and using a low quality free web host can handicap you, especially if that free host covers your site with ads. However, not all free hosts are bad. There are a few that give very good services to their members, but these tend to be hard to find. I’ve gone and done reviews on some free hosts that I’ve found. Please note that these aren’t the only good free hosts out there, and I’m sure that if you looked hard enough you could find even better ones. is a new hosting company that boasts an impressive list of features, but to sum it up, they give 2GB of storage, 10GB of monthly bandwidth, a MySQL database and have support for most programing languages (perl, CGI and PHP, to name a few); and of course, no ads. Their support forum is very active and most questions are answered within and hour. The downside of this host is that at the moment, their still new, and are working though and seemingly endless list of bugs  amp; errors. To add to that, their servers are currently unstable because of all the errors that they currently have, so downtime is very common. Once they become more established and get their system working properly, this company looks like it will become one of the major free hosts on the Internet. is a free host that’s a little out of the ordinary. They give 1GB of storage, and 100GB of file transfer. In the free host market, this is unheard of. It does however come with several catches: profusehost has a VERY strict set of rules that you must follow. If your site becomes inactive, they’ll delete it. If any of the content on your site isn’t in English, they’ll delete it. Plus, you’ll probably never get a chance to use that 100GB, because they state that your site must mainly revolve around article content (text), this means no video, mp3 or file download sites. Also, you’re not allowed to use the space they give you for anything that doesn’t directly relate to your site. So, if your not planning on running a downloads site, you already get lots of traffic to your site, you don’t mind banner ads on your site (the other big downside of profusehost), and need 100GB of bandwidth, than this might be the host for you. Other than that, the high bandwidth cap is the only thing that makes them stand out from the rest of the free hosts. Thanks to dmetro over at for this one. is another free web host, and in my opinion, currently the best. They offer 4GB of storage and 8GB of bandwidth per month (which is plenty if you don’t plan on offering downloads). This site doesn’t put any ads on your site, and their servers are relatively bug free. They also support PHP and MySQL. They do not, however, give support for Perl, ruby or other common scripting languages. I would recommend this host if your not going to be using lots of scripts. There servers are relatively stable, so you can make your site without concerns of downtime.

To sumerise, I would say profushost would be good for you think you need 100GB of bandwidth and don’t mind ads; 4000webs would be good for general purpose websites (no forced ads!); and 110mb, once it’s done, will also be a good host for any type of site (also no forced ads).

I hope this article helps you save some cash on your web site publishing ventures. As a final note, I’d like to remind the reader that while free hosting companys can save you money when your website / blog still relatively new, or even fairly established, it is still (obviously, I hope) not apropriate to host huge sites on free hosts. If you own one of these sites, you’ll have realized that while there are some respectable free hosts out there, any big to moderatly large website (especially commercial ones) should definetly be hosted on paid hosts