How Do Consumers Purchase Products Online?

With the expansion of the internet, we have seen a dramatic rise in online shopping as well. There are many online e-commerce websites out there that have the very best product range with regular sale offers and discounted prices. In this article, we are going to look at the factors that are responsible for online shopping by consumers.

  • With the expansion of internet services, more than 62% of US citizens now shop online once a month. Moreover, 83% of those people are satisfied with the service that they get from these online retailers as well. To learn more about this survey you can click for source.
  • There are several factors that make online shopping much easier and comfortable than offline shopping such as:
    Ease of checkout services so that people won’t have to stand in long lines.
    Online retailers offer a variety of brands and products making it much easier and convenient for consumers to buy what they want with going here and there in search of the desired product.
    Consumers get a wide range of shopping offers from these online retailers as well.
    With the number of payment modes and options along with cashback and discounts, it is quite lucrative for an average consumer to shop online.
    The consumer gets an easy return and exchange and that too at his/her preferred time.
    There are mobile apps as well as desktop websites which is why the consumer can buy anything anywhere with their smartphones.
  • According to a survey, 56% of the consumers are more likely to buy anything if there are free shipping and easy returns on that product.
  • The shopping cart that these online retailers provide is another way they engage their customers with online shopping. There are instant buying online shopping carts, you get a wish list for the product that you want to buy in the future and you get notifications in case there is any discount on your favorite products.
  • Lastly, social media platform also plays a vital role in shaping consumer mindset with their ad campaigns and graphics.