How to Arrange a Group Wedding Gift Purchase

When many are having economic hardships, it can be a real challenge to find enough money to buy a wedding present for the bride and groom than you can think of arranging a great lancaster pa wedding dj for the marriage time. One way that families and friends are coming up with to get he gifts the couple wants it to do a group gift. A group gift allows each person to only have to contribute a small amount of money.

The first thing you will need to do is put someone in charge of being responsible for the group gift money. This person should be someone that is well trusted possibly the mother of the bride and groom. This person will need to obtain a copy of the guest list and contact each person to see if they would like to contribute to the group gift. In my experience I have found it to be a good idea to have each person contributes a set amount of at least ten dollars. Most individuals will have no problem being able to contribute ten dollars for the gift. This is probably a lot less than they planned to spend on a wedding present in the first place.


Be sure to give each person a date of when they will need to get the money to you. It is probably even more convenient for everyone if you go around, and pick up the money for the group gift. Since most brides, and groom are registered at a particular location you can check the items on the list to see what you can get. Once you have collected all of the money for the group gifts pick one, or perhaps several items from the registry. Once you have purchased the group gifts, you can send a listing of the item you have purchased to all of those who contributed to the group gift. Most people would like to know what items they help to buy for the bride, and groom. In my experience I have found that the money contributed for the group gift will usually cover many of the larger items. These will still leave some of the other affordable items for the rest of the guests who have chosen not to contribute to the group gift. Some friends and family members may want to contribute more than just ten dollars to the group gift. This will also be fine as well. Be sure to include a card that will be given to the bride, and grooms will all of the names of those who contributed to the group list. I also like to list the items that were purchased using the group gift money. This way when the than you cards are sent they will still be able to know who sent what.