How To Carry Extra Items In Fortnite? Understand The Essential Tricks!

Epic Games has introduced Fortnite for several gaming consoles. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to understand the gameplay. But later, you can master your skills by doing practice on a daily basis. Log in the game every day to claim your rewards. You should also learn the pure basics to get started. Know the different aspects of the game and then you can perform efficiently. The entire gameplay revolve around the looting aspect and you also need to make some tough decisions at different stages of the game.

On the internet, many service providers can be seen who offer fortnite account for sale. Try to get an advanced level account and then you can play fortnite with a better ranking. Most of the players want to carry extra items but it is not as easy as they think and that’s why they should follow the details mentioned in the below post.

Follow the harpoon gun strategy

To carry an extra item, there are many strategies that you can follow. Most of the players know one of the best strategies and it is all about using a harpoon gun. With the help of this, you are able to bring different items without wasting a charge. While fishing, you can make the most out of this strategy. Keep the gun with yourself while moving from one location to another and collecting fish.

Boat exploit

An exploit is the other strategy that you can use for carrying extra items. Whenever you switch to seat of the driver in the boat then you are able to pick up an item. You shouldn’t let this opportunity go and then it is also important to get off the boat to collect the items that you dropped.