How To Combat Farm In Guild Wars

Guild Wars farming is one of the best ways to make gold. Sometimes it could take days to earn what you want, or it could take you just a few minutes. It just depends on what you do to gain the gold. You need to know where and how to farm, and this guide will tell all.

Builds – You need a good build to farm or else you are one of the most useless characters in Guild Wars. Build are used for ANYTHING. Arenas, such as Random Arena and Team Arena, Co-Operative and Solo Missions, Scrimmage in the Guild Hall and of course: Farming. Whether you are farming gold, Balthazar Faction, Alliance Factions, Materials, Special Event Drops almost anything that can be dropped or continuously acquired from a quest, they ALL require builds! But, this guide is only based on combat farming, so I will explain a good combat farming build.

First of all, you need defence or a good blocking stance. You may want to consider stances like: Whirling Defence, Flashing Blades or Gladiators Defence. If you wish to consider enchantment spells: Silver Armour and Stoneflesh Aura, there are many different kinds of spells that you can choose from.

Then you must think about healing because, even with 75% to block, you are not immortal. That 25% can cause you a death, so you need to make yourself longer lasting with healing spells. Of course, it is always best to have a second profession as a monk or a ritualist as they have the best healing spells in the game.

Attacks are fairly important, but not necessary for high damage, just a few damage skills or something should do. A Combat farming build is mainly defence and heals. Take a Fifty-Fiver for example. They normally have about 3 sources that cause damage: Their weapon, Symbol of Wrath (Or something similar) and Shield of Judgement, their weapon is most likely going to cause maybe around 10 – 40 damage at the maximum, the Symbol of Wrath deals 30 damage per second as long as the opponent is right next to you, then there is your Shield of Judgement which does Knockdown and about 50 damage if they hit you.

Where – Where will you farm? You can’t just go outside of Ascalon and start killing anything, that’s just ridiculous, it’s a colossal waste of time and you gain almost nothing from it. You must pick a spot that is submerged with monsters, monsters in BIG groups, not in groups of 2 or 3, I mean like 10’s or whatever. That way, you can gain more profit easily and not waste as much time searching for a party at a time.

How – OK, once you have your super duper build, you need to know how to use it; which can done clearly using Situs Judi, as it will provides us with different analyzing methods that can help an individual. It’s probably very simple. Run into the area where you are going to get aggroed by a party of monsters, just before they hit you; activate your stance that will block off attacks and spells. That way, you don’t suffer too much damage. Then use your healing spells, unless they are spells that have a duration on them, only use them when you are on low health or otherwise: Use them wisely. Watch your skill recharges and health carefully, one wrong spell, and you could end up at the nearest resurrection shrine.