How To Create A Bitcoin Revolution Account And Use It Up

It’s common for BTC traders to use automated bots to help them today. These BTC trading bots help trader make accurate BTC trade or investment. One of the best bots available is the Bitcoin Revolution which is free for you to use. Hence, know how to create an account on the platform, and how to use it for your advantage.

Creating a Bitcoin Revolution Account

It’s easy to open an account on the platform. You only have to fill a provided form online with authentic details, such as name, contact info and password. Once done, you can login to your account and choose a broker. You can check the background and details for each broker for you to select properly.

Using your Bitcoin Revolution Account

After setting up your account and broker, you can begin using it for a trade. Begin by depositing a minimum of $250 capital. That’s the lowest average deposit for trading bots today, making it favorable for you.

Then, go to the settings to tweak it according to your preferences. The Control Panel allows full control over your trading transactions. The Trading History shows you all records of your past trading transactions. And Open Transaction lets you control live trading on the spot.

Note, however, that the bot can function on auto-setting mode too. This is great for newbies who haven’t learned much about the complexities of BTC trading. Free demo is also available to help.

Now, let’s assume that you’re account have successfully gained some profit from trading. The bot would let you withdraw your cash to an outlet of your choice. That includes credit cards, debit cards and online money transfer among other options.

Setting up and using a Bitcoin Revolution account is easy. It allows you to begin BTC trading without too much difficulties. And that’s how it have helped many BTC traders achieve success