How to Get and Install Halloween Fonts

Finding Halloween fonts online can be a difficult task for some; especially since there hundreds of free font websites out there. In this article, however, I am going to tell you about the site that will allow you to get hundreds of Halloween fonts for free and for any use that you’d like, I’m going instruct you on how to install them on your computer and then I’m going to give you 2 uses for them as well. I hope you enjoy them!

  • You can get the Halloween type fonts by simply typing into your address bar on any web browser and hitting enter. The website is called Fontestein: A Castle Full Of Free Halloween Fonts, and it’s filled with many scary-looking fonts that you can use to create an assortment of things.
  • The way to get a font onto your computer so that you are able to use it freely is to:

– Chose a font that you like from the website by surfing through each one of the alphabet letters to view the fonts that are available to you, and then just click on the one you like. This will then get that font downloaded onto your computer desktop as a zipped file. Note: If this is not automatically done then make sure to hit “Save” if you are prompted to do so.

– Once you have the zipped file on your desktop, open it and click on the “Extract all files” link that can be found on the left-hand side of the window. This will bring up a screen which in which you will have to do nothing except press “Next” twice and then “Finish” once at the end. Once you have the extracted file window open you should see a better-looking icon than the one that was on the zipped file; this is the font file that you are going to be installing.

– Now you want to right-click on the font icon and chose “Copy” from the menu that shows up. Tip: If you do not see “Copy” in the pull-down menu, then select the font once and click on “Edit” at the top and then “Copy” from there.

– The next step is to go to “Start”, “Control Panel”, “Appearance and Themes”, and then look to the left-hand side menu that says “See Also”; from there you will select “Fonts”. Tip: If you have your Control Panel set to Classic View then just look for the “Fonts” icon and click on it to open it.

– Now the final step is to look for some white space in the folder that you have open, right-click again, and hit “Paste”; this should copy the font you downloaded onto your computer usable fonts.

  1. As I said at the beginning of this article, there are many things that you can use Halloween fonts for this October, and the following 3 ideas are awesome and you should definitely try them.

– Party Banners

Are you about to throw a Halloween Party and you can’t find any banners that say what you want them to say in Halloween colors, fonts, or themes? If this is a problem for you then getting some Halloween type fonts from is perfect for you. Once you get the fonts you can use a program like Microsoft Word or Publisher to create great-looking banners that say anything you like, in the colors you want, and you can even use other Halloween graphics and backgrounds to enhance the banner’s appearance to your liking. This is not only great for entrance banners, or for birthday banners, but they would also be great to hang on tables to let your guests know what’s where.

– Party Invitations

Have you looked for Halloween party invitations everywhere but haven’t seen some that you like? Well, that’s not going to be a problem after you download some Halloween fonts onto your computer at all. Now you’re going to be able to create your own invitations simply by using a program like Microsoft Publisher. You can use all kinds of fonts, type anything you’d like, and even use the colors that you want to match your party theme. This is great, and with some great paper and a printer, you can make better invitations at home than the ones you would have paid for at a store.