How to Host a Little Girl Tea Party

Tea Parties are the perfect way for little girls to socialize with their friends while making memories that will last a lifetime. What little girls doesn’t want to feel like a princess? Hosting a tea party is inexpensive, and you don’t even need a special occasion such as a birthday in order to have one. Even some grown women still have tea parties with their friends, but these party idea’s are for girls ages 4 to 10.

The Basic Rules:

Tea parties are supposed to be just as delicate as your little angel. You should use colors such as pastel pinks, blues, and yellows. Do not decorate with any primary colors. Try to think elegant when planning and hosting the tea party. Do not interfere to much., remember this is not an adult party. Read more to find out how you can host an excellent party in this style and enjoy the most. 


You might not be able to find suitable invites at your local party supply stores, so you might have to make you own. This is easy to do, using card stock or thick construction paper trace a pattern you like. You can use a tea pot, tea cup, or even a heart. Once you have all of your patterns finished, and cut out it is time to spruce them up a little. A small embellishments such as lace, ribbon, rhinestones, and flowers that can easily be attached with glue. Use the back of the card to write the party information. Include important details such as “your presents is requested at (child’s name) tea party” “Please wear proper attire”. It is suggested that you either call, or also send a note to the parents letting them know the details as well. Proper attire includes fun dress up stuff such as beads, hats, gloves, clip on earrings, bangle bracelets, and of course a dress.


This is not a birthday party, so there is no need for balloons and banners. You will need a table and chairs for your guest however. Use a white, or light colored table cloth to cover the table. You can also use a piece of lace as a table cloth overlay if you have one available. Since it is costly to buy chair clip covers if you do not already own them, consider putting large bows on the backs of the chair instead. Of course you will need a center piece for your table. Fresh cut flowers works great. It doesn’t need to be a large bouquet, something you cut from the garden will work just fine. If you don’t have any flowers in bloom, you can pick up a cheap bouquet from the grocery store for a few dollars.


You will need to buy decaffeinated tea. If you do not own a child’s tea set, now is the time to get own. You can also purchase inexpensive tea cups at second hand stores, and let them borrow your tea pot. Make sure the tea is not hot before you give the tea pot to your guest. On the table you should also have a small bowl of sugar cubes, spoons for each guest, and a bowl of fresh cut lemons. For an elegant presentation, wrap each spoon in a napkin, and tie the napkin closed with a piece of ribbon. You may also present a tray of cookies, but only after everyone has poured their tea. This will help prevent spills.

There are several types of tea parties you can have. How about a teddy bear tea party where each guest gets to bring their favorite bear, or perhaps a garden tea party, which is perfect during spring time. These everyday “because I love you” tea parties are absolutely wonderful pick-me-ups. If you just moved into town, or if your having another baby and want to do something special for your little girl who feels left out, a tea party is the way to go,