League Of Legends community: Percentage of Players Who Are Using LOL Boost

League of Legends is one of the most competitive games in the online gaming world. This is also the reason why it is continuously attracting a lot of players from across the globe. Aside from its amazing graphics, quality gameplay and spectacular heroes, the intensity of the competition makes the game more interesting and challenging to play. That is why players will always do their best to get high creep scores and rankings in the game. One of the effective ways that players do to advance in the game is by buying ELO boosters’ services. Generally, webpage of ELO boosters’ service helps players to get high ranking and to have more chances of winning against their opponents. These services also allow provide players with wide variety of benefits such as easy payment method, convenience in login and register process and protection of accounts from snoopers. With these benefits, a lot of players and game experts would like to know what percentage of the League of Legends community has used ELO Boost. 

According to some players, the percentage of the community that has relied in ELO boost is not so big. Riot has stated that they will soon remove the account of the owners if they find out that they use ELO boosting. Additionally, some players and Riot believe that using ELO boosting services is not fair for other players who are not using it. Hence, it is better to have an equal and fair game in LOL. Moreover, another reason why the percentage is very small is because most of the ELO boosting services are very costly. 

In this light, it is still a big debate and argument in the LOL gaming community whether or not it is ideal to use ELO boost services.