Learn How to Top Your Friends in Word Challenge

Word Challenge is a Facebook web game developed by Playfish that challenges players to take 6 seemingly random letters and arrange them into various words consisting of three letters or more. Words of four letters or more will add additional time to the clock, which is nice considering you only start with two minutes to play. Even players with extensive vocabularies will have a rough time getting a high score if they don’t play the game correctly. The goal of this guide is to provide you with all of the tips necessary to stay ahead of your friends on the leader board.

Word challenge is neither easy and nor too difficult to learn but it is designed on such a way that your entire focus should be on the alphabetical letters in front of you and how you are going to get them right as per the rules and within the specific time period, but it is a far better learning experience compared to something like poker online which may seem tempting but will instill a bad habit of gambling in whoever plays it.

My personal strategy is to start out simple, finding all of the three letter words I can before moving on to more complex words. As you complete words an ABC meter will fill up, eventually allowing you to swap out your letters if you get stumped. This game allows you to use the plural form of words, so be sure to try adding an S to just about anything. Another way to swap out your letters is to arrange a six letter word, unlocking the bonus round. In the bonus round your are tasked with unscrambling one of your facebook friend’s names within a short amount of time. This is usually very difficult, but the payoff is worth it. When you move back to the regular game your letters are swapped, so try and save this for when you have run out of ideas for your current set of letters. If you have no other option try inputting random combinations of letters.-sometimes you will stumble upon words you never knew existed. A neat feature of Word Challenge is the ability to click on words and receive there definition, giving you a great opportunity to expand your vocabulary for future rounds or life in general. You will be surprised at some of the words you’ll find supported in this game- it even accepts curse words.

While those strategies will help you greatly, another important aspect of the game is using the keyboard shortcuts. Instead of slowly clicking on the letters to place them and then clicking on the green arrow to submit, simply type the word on your keyboard and then hit enter to submit. This saves a ton of time, allowing you to rack up even more words to boost your score. To shuffle your letters hit the spacebar-sometimes viewing your letters in a different arrangement will help you pick out words that you didn’t see before. Lastly, the control button will swap out your letters when the ABC meter is full, or take you to the bonus round if you have earned it.

Up to this point I have discussed things you should be doing, but I am now going to finish by telling you things that you shouldn’t. Try to avoid spending too long with one set of letters. If you can’t think of anything for more than five seconds it is time to swap out letters. Most of the time you can fill the swap meter simply by picking out a few of the three letter words, something that shouldn’t be too difficult. Don’t use your bonus before you are done with your current set of letters, because when you return from the bonus round they will have been swapped. If you remember these tips you are sure to excel at Word Challenge, topping all of your friends and making them jealous of your excellent vocabulary.