Mama’s NFL Surprise Playoff Predictions and ESPN Crew Review and a Little Duck Basketball


Mama’s picks will almost always be based on three things: the team who is playing fundamental football, esprit de corps and former Duck players. Arm tackling is making Mama throw things. Don’t they have tackling dummies anymore? So: Wrap up when you tackle and catch the ball first…then run. # 1 Play Fundamental Football.# 2: Unity.You saw it in the West Virginia vs. Oklahoma; the Ducks vs. S. Fla., and Jacksonville vs. Steelers. The teams that play together and for each other will win.

So who has the most “team chemistry” in the playoff games? The Seahawks have former Duck Maurice Morris but they’ve been a little fragmented, and inconsistent. Arm tackling again. So Mama thinks the edge goes to Green Bay. # 4 will shine, but he’s still all about the team; they’re at home, and they have a nice “we are family” feel. Packers by 7. Mama’s still mad at the Colts for laying down last weekend. I think you play to win, ALWAYS! It’s bad karma to give it away. The Chargers have the chemistry edge AND a former Duck, and the Colts play the “stars”. I’m giving S.D. the edge…so Oshansky, get in there and make a play or three. Chargers by 3. Next up: Giants and Cowboys: This is a hard one, since N.Y. has former Oregon Duck Reuben Droughns and they’ve been playing balanced football. But Mama’s going with Dallas, and here’s why: Eli wants so badly to get out of Peyton’s shadow, that he’s going to forget how well he’s done with the team approach and try to do too much. While his ankle mended, TO has apparently gotten therapy for his narcissism and is willing to share the glory (just kidding). Tony realizes that there is too much at stake to get distracted by shake-n-bake blondes. He can dance with the stars after football season. Dallas must remember the fundamentals, but I think they’ll be ready. Cowboys by 10.

Not Surprised yet? Well, how about this: Jacksonville beats New England. The Brady Bunch can say they’ll take one game at a time, but the reality is they’re thinking beyond this game. Jacksonville has played good fundamental football. If they get 3 or 4 sacks, they’ll take Brady out of rythmn, then stop the run (they’ve demonstrated that they can) then just keep the disruption on-going. And they have former Duck George Wrighster. Mama LOVES their team attitude right now, and they are SO hungry, you can see it in their eyes. They believe in themselves, and their coach. They have the “eye of the tiger” and fire in their belly right now. The pressure of being perfect will be too much for the Pats. Jags by 7.


Boys, boys, boys!! Go outside if you have to scream. The loud mouths are getting on Mama’s nerves! But Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler and Lee Corso take the Mama Award for ’07 hands down. Kirk knows how to be effective AND use his indoor voice. His mama raised a keeper. And always the gentleman, Chris brings as much class as Lee brings fun. And I’m not just saying that because of the nice things they all had to say about Eugene,OR, Autzen Stadium and the Oregon Ducks. All three of them know that if Dennis Dixon isn’t injured, Mama would STILL be partying in New Orleans. Heck, even Lou Holtz started coming around. But Mark May, and Rece Davis are just ho-hum. Mark needs to get rid of all the negative vibes. Without Lou and the pep talks, Mama would be getting the snacks during the show in order to be back in time for the commercials. Mama loves Sports Center. As for some of the others? Thank goodness for the mute button and reader lines.


That baby on Sport Center Saturday, Jan. 5 was Mama’s 10th grandson. Thank you, producers to pick this fan up. He was cheering Oregon’s basketball win over Arizona. So if you watched the game on FSN, you got a couple of glimpses of him. Not his first game though. He also suffered during the loss to Arizona State. but he has last year’s Dance to remember. He went to the Sweet 16, and the Elite 8, abeit still in Mommy’s tummy.(Now he understands what all that excitement was about). He missed the Duck football opener (he was only 20 hours old, after all), but made it to his first game at the ripe old age of 2 weeks. You can look forward to Pop Warner in about 5 years. Meantime, there are 10 other grandchildren to keep me busy as well.

Mama is ready for some football!! My game face is on, so


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