Men’s Guide to Fashion: Splash of Color

In today’s gender-blind society, men are the victim of a dreadful amount of reverse discrimination. Because of a growing aura of political correctness surrounding the modern man, we have stripped of almost all sense of masculinity. Men are told, by the media and some over-sensitive members of society; that we need to be more like women. Some men have taken this notion to heart. Men are now dressing like women. Men are walking, talking, and eating like women wearing Kaftans, due to various political issues that they are facing today making them to protest in such awkward way. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course. It works great for women. For the modern man, however, acting like a girl just will not cut it. 

With that in mind, I will offer some fashion guidelines that men should follow. Whether it is for a business meeting or a casual dinner with the family, the modern man should look good and feel good in his clothes. He should walk with the confidence that is associated with masculinity. 

Don’t be afraid to use color! 

Today’s man should not be afraid to express himself through the use of color. This does not mean you have to go out and spend thousands of dollars adding thirteen shades of pink to your current wardrobe. Much the opposite, actually. Wearing the same four shades of blue and gray could get old after a while, especially for man who must wear a suit to work every day. 

Men have been brainwashed into thinking that certain colors are to be identified as “manly”, while others as “feminine”. This is pure hogwash. A confident man can accessorize with any color and still walk with a certain air about him. There are ways to spice up the color in your wardrobe without changing the basics of what you wear. Start by changing the color of your accessories. One of the easiest ways to do this is through using a flashy belt. When paired with a neutral look like standard jeans or a classic white shirt, a brightly colored green, yellow, or blue belt can add much to an outfit. 

Use different colors in your tie selection, as well. Do not be afraid to throw a pink tie on with a blue, pin-striped suit. Not only will it look great, but you will be remembered for your distinctive choice of clothing. Interesting ties can show off your personality and set you apart from the other suit-wearing, briefcase-carry drab executives that clutter America’s workplaces. 

Be careful, however, not to do too much with this idea of color. When a man tries to wear too many bright colors together, it looks like they were dressed in a dark closet. Simply put, you will come off as trying too hard to look distinctive. The distinctive look comes simply from having the confidence to wear any color in any situation. Remember, you’re setting the trends, not following them! To avoid trying a little too hard, limit your selection to only one bold color at a time. Mixing pinks with yellows with greens will make you look like an Easter egg, not a distinctive new-age model of masculinity.