My Top 3 Reasons for Loving that He is a Gamer

I found out shortly after meeting my boyfriend that he was a gamer. He loves video games and online games. At first, I was a little put off about it. I never imagined a grown man playing games into the wee hours of morning, well I could imagine it but when I did it was not someone like my guy, I picture a 20-30 something living in his parents basement with a desk over flowing with empty energy drinks and old porn magazines. That isn’t my guy at all, he isn’t the creepy basement dweller with no personality or real friends, he is perfectly normal in every way.

I can’t lie, sometimes it drives me crazy when he is on all night or seems to forget that there are things going on around him that are a little more important, but for the most part, I love that he is a gamer and here is why:

I get alone time: He may still be in the house but I get to have some peace and quite for a little while. I can enjoy a hour long bath without any interruptions or I can watch the movie that I know he will hate without getting the “we are really going to watch this” look from him. Hello Lifetime channel! Its the best of both worlds, I get my alone time but also can have him running to my rescue when I let out my blood curdling spider scream.

I know where he is: I don’t have to worry about my guy being out and about with some of his not so savory friends. My little cousin who is 19 is having problems with her boyfriend because he never wants to go to the bar or party with the crowd and would instead prefer to play on his Xbox. While I know it is important for people to get out and be social, one day she will wish for a guy that doesn’t want to spend every weekend getting drunk and hanging out at the bar.

He spends quality time with my son while playing: My son has become a huge fan of WOW over the last year or so. He loves when he gets to pull up a chair to watch the latest raid. He gets to wear the ear piece so he can hear whats going on and my BF explains the game as they play. Now, instead of being a cowboy or Indian he pretends he is a mage, whatever that is.

I love my gamer and my gamer in training, and as long as their worlds do not revolve around the game but merely includes it, I will support their game time every time! The gamers can purchase the game from the developers. A gamer can get a custom PS4 controller from $149 or more.