New Teen Night Club Coming To St. Charles, Missouri

St. Charles County, Missouri, is getting a brand new, professionally owned Teen Night Club before the Holiday School Break. Ken Betts and his mother Linda are the new managing-owners of Club DJ’s, located at 3960 Mexico Road, in St. Peters, MO. Linda is an inactive Real Estate agent and currently runs LRL Commercial Cleaning during the day while Ken’s former business experience comes from the auto sales industry.

Linda said the idea to open a teen club came to her originally when her son had a party at her home and nearly 90 kids showed up for dancing and socializing. Her youngest son is now 16, and a student at Francis Howell North. She is the mother of 3 girls and 2 boys with Ken being the oldest brother. Linda said she and the kids had talked about opening a Teen Night Club for years and now their ambitions in moving forward have made it a reality.

I thought that it was very nice of Linda to open up newer nightclubs in the vicinity and she has been telling me for a long time about her dream to have her own space where youngsters from all folks can come over and enjoy a certain respite from the day to day problems that they come across in their lifetime. Now, my own favorite is Lavelle Club but since Linda is a good friend, my best wishes are for her that she and her kids are successful in this venture and come out with flying colors.

I met them both at the new facility, which they were still renovating. The building has 2 floors with the entry level having approximately 2,000 square feet and the lower level having an additional 1800 square feet. Their set up includes a large open area for dancing with a stage for the DJ. There is a small V.I.P. Party Room located adjacent to the dance floor that can be rented for private parties or for featured guest appearances. In the lower level, a speaker system was being installed to bring the party into the lower level. Ken mentioned that they planned to reduce the volume of the music in the lower level so kids could socialize and talk without having to scream over the music. The lower level also had 3 additional rooms. One room, called the circle room, was decorated with oversized black and white, polka-dots on the walls and offered seating for casual socialization. A second room was being constructed with a large flat screen TV that will host Wi and other video game systems for teens to play at no additional cost. The third room was reserved for setting up a pool table in the near future. There was also a small kitchenette where snacks, canned sodas, and energy drinks will be sold.

The club owners are firmly against any underage drinking, drug use, or smoking and want to promote a fun and exiting violence free environment. In order to promote a safe environment, Linda said they have hired the St. Peters Police Department to patrol the exterior of the club. They will have at least one officer and a vehicle outside the club at all times during operation. The staff will consist of at least 6 security bouncers inside with 6 additional staff members including Management. The Owners plan to be on location whenever the doors are open for business. A wand system will be used for weapon detection upon admission of all students. Purses will be checked for any contra-ban and boys will be patted down.

Admission will be limited to teens 14 to 19 years of age. Entry fee will be $10 for the guys and $8 for the girls with a discount for showing your school I.D. With the exception of staff members, no one over the age of 21 will be permitted to enter once the facility is operable. The doors will open on November 20, 2009 to close friends and family. Linda is inviting any concerned or interested parents to attend the pre Grand-opening that Friday to see what the club is all about and alleviate any concerns they have. To find updates on their special events, featured guests, and teen spirit night, go to their new website at