Play Family Feud Online

The Family Feud is a fast-paced game, which has been on television since 1976. It’s been canceled a few times, but this popular game always gets a second chance. Now you can play this game Family Feud online on several sites, but the best place to play is of course Facebook.

A family classic game on Facebook is ‘Family Feud’ now you can play this game against your family and friends. You have the chance to play all the rounds, which are on television but the fast cash round is of course played differently. For this last round, you can post a blurb on your wall so that those on your list can help you win.

The game is fast paced, and the clock on the lower left shows how much time is left per question. It’s also animated with sound effects, which can be turned off or on as one desires. Best of all the game is free friendly competition among your Facebook friends. There is no download required.

On you can play the Family Feud with strangers who can help you out in chat if you get stuck on any answers. You can also connect with your Facebook account, which is nice and eliminates you from having to remember yet another password and user name. The graphics and sound quality are good; however, you cannot turn off the sound, which is a bummer. But just like Bandar judi bola online terpercaya, this game is definitely a good game to consider.

The single player game is free to play online, but if you want to be sure to play with your family members, you will need to download the game.

The following sites require a player to download either the game or a tool bar in order to play. I do not download applications for the most part, unless I know it’s something I can use on a daily basis. However, I did include them here for those among us who like to download games to play.

Over on the site Iwon games you can also play Family Feud and you can connect with your Facebook account, which is fast and easy. However, it’s a download here, which I did not download. This would be great for those people who feel comfortable in downloading applications. I tried a few different ‘free to play games’ on the site and all of them required me to download a toolbar.

The yahoo version of Family Feud requires a download and I am not doing this one. The page here says its good music and stunning graphics.