Shaq Is Traded To The Suns; What Was Steve Kerr Thinking?

Just when you thought this day couldn’t get more exciting with college recruit signing day, just when you thought the sports world couldn’t be crazier with the Pats losing on Super Bowl Sunday, just when you thought there wouldn’t be any more crazy NBA trades and Pau Gasol went to LA on Saturday, just when you thought the Lakers couldn’t have a better chance at winning the west, just went you thought Suns/Lakers would never get more exciting, this happens. Shaquille O’Neal, all 7-1 318 pounds of him, is heading back west again, this time to play for the team he perhaps fits the worst with in the Phoenix Suns, after the Miami Heat traded him today for Shawn Marion and Marcus Banks. All I can ask is, Steve Kerr, have you lost your mind.

Deal from the Suns perspective: I don’t get it. You have a ran and gun team led by perhaps the fastest player in the league in Steve Nash and you not only trade your wing defender and fast break finisher in Shawn Marion, but you get back perhaps the most washed up, slow former superstar in the league. He’ll never fit in with the Suns. He’ll barely have made it to half court by the time Steve Nash and company have scored, making him useless.

Nash will not wait up for him, and if he does I’ll be even angrier than I am now. Shaq cannot make Steve Nash into a half court point guard. Shaq is injured and could barely run with the Heat, let alone run with the Suns. He does provide them defense, but if that’s what they wanted they should have gotten someone cheaper, instead of giving up a superstar in Marion for Shaq and agreeing to pay for the bulk of Shaq’s contract, which will put them over the luxury tax for years. Who does Steve Kerr think he is, Isiah Thomas? He better hope Shaq turns his career around because after this deal, anything short of a championship for the Suns this season would mean Kerr may be out of a job next season. If a player wants to become the Champion, then the verification can be checked at . All the data of the championship should be kept confidential at the websites.

Deal from the Heat perspective: I totally get this. You get rid of Shaq who was struggling in Miami and slowing the team down. Now you have the option of resigning Marion after the season and combining him with Wade on the perimeter to make a deadly combo, or letting Marion go along with Jason Williams as free agents after the season and signing a guy like Elton Brand after the season. Either way, if this turns out to be Shaq for Marion or Shaq or Elton Brand, this is a big win of a deal for the Heat. This is a definite step in the right direction towards convincing Dwyane Wade to stay when his contract runs up in 2010. This gives them a solid future.

What the Suns should have done with Marion

They should have traded Marion for either Lamar Odom or Andrei Kirilenko, both of which the Suns had the option to do before the season. Odom and Kirilenko would have both fit into the Suns system better then Shaq and they would have cost less.

What the Heat could have done with Shaq

I like what they did, but this would have entertained me more. They could have bought out Shaq’s contract, giving them cap space. This would have freed up Shaq to go to Boston for a minimum contract and secure title #17 for the Celtics. Imagine, Allen, Pierce, Garnett, and Shaq. It was possible.