The Best Home Songs

It is a beautiful thing when just by hearing a song you are transported mentally to another place. It is almost magical because it is such a personal experience. It does not matter what time of year it is or where you are, when you hear certain songs they will take you right back to a special place and time.

Songs that take you back home are often extra special. You might be far away on a trip or working when you hear a song that makes you close your eyes and think of home. If you know ahead of time that you will be away from home for a while, it might be nice to have a selection of songs that help remind you of home. Here are some of the greatest home songs that just might take you there when you need it most.

Hey It’s Good To Be Back Home Again / John Denver

This song is at the top of the list that is there on for a few reasons. It is a very happy and upbeat song. When you hear John Denver singing this song it is almost impossible to keep a smile from your face. Be sure to include this one on your away from home music list.

Walking My Baby Back Home / James Taylor

This tune was originally written and done by Roy Turk and Fred E. Alhert. It has been done by a few other artists including a beautiful version by Nat King Cole. The light style that James Taylor brings to the song just can not be beaten. You might want to listen to this tune to help you think about home and fun times with a favorite girl.

I Feel Home / OAR

I would not have even known about this song if it weren’t for my son encouraging me to give it a chance. After only a few listens, I was convinced that it should make this list. When you hear OAR sing about home, you can feel the raw and honest longing for the comfort of home.

Home On The Range / Brewster Higley and Daniel Kelley

This classic tune was sure to be a part of this home song list. The song is such a classic and is so loved by children everywhere that it may bring back a wide assortment of memories. Don’t skip this classic when you are making your own best home songs list.

Can’t Find My Way Home / Steve Winwood

This tune seems to fit perfectly in the middle of the list. Steve Winwood does a great job of expressing how it feels to be lost and away from home. It is a classic hippie tune that has a very soft quality to it. Give it a listen and it might take you back to the days of black lights and beads hanging in your old room at home.

You can never go home / The Moody Blues

When you hear The Moody Blues singing about home sweet home on this song, you may feel a longing in your heart that you didn’t quite expect. Be sure to have a tissue handy when you listen to this classic song. It is sure to make you yearn for the good old days at home.

Homeward Bound/ SimonĀ  amp; Garfunkel

Few songs mention home as often as this song does. It is such a great tune and it has a very uplifting melody. It is an easy listening tune that would be great to turn on when you’re almost home. The harmony in this song makes it an exceptional song to sing with a best friend or two.

Two Of Us / The Beatles

Here is a song that might have been easily skipped if it wasn’t for the many times that The Beatles mention going home. It is a knee-slapping tune that will get you smiling from the start. Be sure to listen to this one when you are on the road and heading home.

Sloop John B / The Beach Boys

This song is just about as much fun as you can get out of a listen. The beach boys are in perfect harmony on this tune and the lyrics are great. Turn this one on when you have a hangover and nothing would feel better than to be in your own bed at home.

Celebrate Me Home / Kenny Loggins

This song is heartwarming and beautiful. Kenny Loggins hits the spot with this tune for anyone that needs to think of home and smile. You won’t be able to limit your memories to home with this tune. You will be thinking of all of your loved ones and every special moment spent with them. Enjoy this tune when you’re away from home and it will surely bring you back a bit.

It is a great thing to get out and away from your normal routine whenever the opportunity comes around. It is also very smart to bring something with you that will make you feel comfortable and remind you of home. Gather up these tunes and a few favorites of your own before you go out on your next long journey.