The Best PC Game To Try In 2020

Whether you are looking for a single player hit, or a modern classic, we know your hunger for PC games just too well. If playing PC games is your obsession, we bring to you the best games that you must try out this season. 

Moving over from your gta 5 usb mod menu might not be easy but we are sure that your curiosity is getting the better of you! Here are some of the best competitive online games that we are going to recommend for you! 

Apex Legends

Considered the latest and best royal battle game of the day, you are going to love everything about this game, from its map to guns and the gameplay itself. It’s easy to play and free. 

Rainbow Six Seige

If you have played Counter strike and loved it, you are going to love this one even more. Improvement in coordinated teamwork and aims, the elaborate gadgets and map spots of the game are going to give you a roll. 


The characters and gameplay is bright and colourful, still leaving enough room for a team based gameplay and battle rewards that keep the player engaged and interested. 

Fortnite Battle Royale

Join arena shooting and a stellar gameplay plot that twists and turns around fantastic maps and locations, giving its players enough juice to stay glued. There are new weapons and tools to work with and a building system that raises the interest. 

Rocket League

Play around with rocket powered cars in this game of physics and speed that boggles the mind in all the right ways. You will find your cars doing admirable stunts in this game that are otherwise not found in games. Be as rough or trained as you like in this exciting game.