The Historical Journey Of The Apple Ipod

The introduction of the Apple iPod transformed the music player market. It has won the hearts of techies and laymen alike. The iPod has often been polished and gleaned as a charmer to any lover of tech gadgets. It has been through an interesting journey full of improvements and innovations. Here in this article, we will go through all the different generations of iPods and all the changes that we witnessed over the years, moreover, on you will find more amazing facts and tips that you can use to get the best out of your iPod.

The iPod was born in 2001 and the tech company Apple created the first iPod. By the late 20th century, Apple found that the new age had resulted in improvements in digital home electronics appliances. There were cameras and organizers that were well developed but there was no important advancement in developing portable music systems that packed power and punch. Seeing an opportunity, Apple introduced its own music player, which quickly became known as Apple iPod.

With high-quality digital music entertainment within hand’s reach, customers who bought the iPod were delighted. There are three variations of the original Apple iPod. These are the iPod itself (with 30 GB or 60 GB hard disks), the iPod nano (has a flash memory of 1 GB, 2 GB or 4 GB), and the iPod Shuffle (has a flash memory of 512 MB or 1 GB).

The most recent iPods seem to sport color displays that can even play video. It is a 16-bit monitor of 2.5-inch size and is capable of displaying 65,536 colors. It can also be connected to a television for watching.

The iPod Nano was introduced in 2005 in place of the iPod mini. It has a color screen that allows you to view photos. It also has a planet clock that can be set to any time zone. There is a stopwatch also, and security codes are available to keep the data completely secure.

You must know that the iPod shuffle device does not have a display. So you cannot choose the MP3 songs individually, you will need to play through all the tracks to reach the track you want to listen. But it supports a playlist that can be loaded from a computer. In this device, you will have to play all the songs at random. So to sell this gadget Apple was using slogans like ‘Life is random’, and ‘Give chance a chance.’ But without a display the iPod shuffle is very nimble and small – only an ounce in weight.

The iPod mini once became extremely popular though it had a high-cost price. The iPod mini was available in five colors and had a click wheel that you could scroll with one hand to pick tracks to listen to.

An iPod photo was once available and it had a display to view pictures. But when a color display became common in all iPod gadgets, the iPod photo was quickly discontinued.

The recent news you hear from the makers of iPod is that sports company Nike has something interesting for joggers. It is an iPod nano that can play music tracks for you to hear as you jog. The good news is that the kit has a sensor that needs to be placed in your Nike jogging shoes. The sensor keeps you updated on the pace, distance, time and calories burnt through the iPod screen, even a voice feedback system is available.

It seems to be very interesting to know about the history of this tiny gadget in your hands. Knowing history may give you a good idea of what to expect from Apple in the future.