What are movie Rental Rip Offs?

With prices rising on virtually everything these days our dollar is worth a lot less than even five years ago. This is extremely true when it comes to entertainment. What used to be a cheap date can now cost a fortune and if you are like me you just can’t afford it.

One of the biggest increases has been in the cost of movies. I am always reading articles about how people are not going to movies like they used to and I cannot say that I blame them. By the time you pay $8 a ticket and buy a drink and popcorn, you are looking at spending about $30 just to sit through a two hour movie. Thirty bucks is a pretty big gamble for something you don’t even know if you will enjoy.

The best alternative is to rent movies from your local store but even then you can’t get out cheap anymore. I went to rent a new release last weekend and it was $4.57 with tax. That seems ridiculous for something you are going to return the next day. And I know you can keep the movie for five days but who is going to sit and watch the same movie for five days straight. Even if you did that I don’t know if you would truly get your money’s worth.

Online movie rentals have become popular in the last few years but it is still another costly proposition and because of that some great online streaming g2gmovies services has developed a unique program that lets the viewer to watch movie under a low cost. I was a member of one of these sites for about a year and always felt if I did not constantly watch movies I was not getting my value of membership. Who wants to have to watch ten movies a month just to get their money back.

With movies going on sale and being shown on TV there are much more cost effective ways to watch your favorite movies. I always try to find old classics in the clearance bin at Wal-Mart. I may pay $5 for the DVD but I know that I can go back and watch it any time I want to in the future.

Instead of paying a big name star $30 million to star in a big budget thriller, why don’t they just pay them less and then let them receive profits from the sales and rentals of the movie. Movies will always continue to make money and if it doesn’t then the studio can sleep with the fact that they did not sink a fortune into hiring a big star.

With prices on everything on the rise, maybe it would be smart for us to start looking out for ourselves and not financing these big studios. Look for ways to watch your favorite movies without paying full price and maybe you will eventually save enough money to enjoy one movie in the theater.