What’s Really Behind The Sudden Push For Immigration Reform?

In the 2012 election, President Obama garnered a whopping 71 percent of the Hispanic vote. That overwhelming show of support from the Hispanic community was, in part, responsible for Obama’s victory.

So what better way to reward loyalty like that than to propose legislation that emphasizes not deportation, but a path to citizenship. Given, there are a number of hurdles that an illegal alien must overcome first, but the overarching objective is still citizenship, not punishment for violating U.S. law.

The president’s plan calls fro illegal aliens to first, learn English, pay taxes, pay a penalty (No word yet on the amount) and finally, and most importantly, they must go to the back of the line behind immigrants who came here legally and have been patiently awaiting their turn to become American citizens ( Whitehouse.gov).

But wait, you say, the Republicans are proposing similar legislation. Why, if CIR is actually a payback in disguise as you contend, would Republicans be a party to such a shameless display of reciprocation? Well, ever since the Obama drubbing in November, Republicans have become more open to compromise. Now, with their party in disarray, they are desperately seeking ways to right the ship.

So, we have ipso facto incorporated 11 million new citizens in the U.S. by the stroke of a pen.

But, that’s not what irks me; what irks me is how African-Americans were left out of the picture altogether. I mean, we have consistently voted upward of 80 percent for the Democratic ticket for president for decades (Factcheck.org), and that number topped 90 percent in the last two elections. So, what do we have to show for our loyalty? (And please don’t say food stamps; everybody gets food stamps – even illegal aliens)

I’ll tell you what I would’ve like to have seen happen, though; I would like to have seen African-Americans included in the list of requirements that illegal aliens must satisfy before being granted full citizenship. For example, the proposed legislation could read something like this: All employers must endeavor hire every able-bodied African-American who is willing to work before hiring any illegal aliens.

What, with Black unemployment holding steady at 12 percent (Politic365.com) (And could be as high as 40 percent in some urban areas) this idea may not be as farfetched as it may first appear. Proper research should be made before the hiring of the visa immigration lawyer in toronto. An information will be made available from the previous clients of the lawyer for the visa application.

But, alas, we’ve lost our leverage over the years. We have no bargaining chips left. The Democratic Party has our vote locked up. They don’t have to worry about offending, or snubbing African-Americans; they know we’re going to vote for them anyway.

So, the CIR will become law soon, and thereby render most, if not all, of the tough anti-immigration statutes adopted by some states, moot.