Why I like Pro Soccer More Than NFL Football

Maybe I’m prejudiced because I grew up in a school with no varsity football. We had the best soccer team in the city of Philadelphia, and beat the hell out of so many high school teams, our season also included playing college junior varsity squads. The average age of the guys on our team was 17, and we competed and won against bigger, more mature players age 18 to 20. 

Why Do I Think This Way? The USA is the only major country in the world where soccer is considered a minor sport. Here football is king. So, why would I, a loyal American, have the guts to call it less of a sport than soccer? Here are my reasons. 

It is not that NFL Football is any less to me but when I am forced to choose a favorite between the two, it is soccer for reasons unknown, maybe because I was born and brought up with soccer forming a major portion of my childhood and perhaps because it hardly generates any fervor in the states, so perhaps I am more inclined towards the underdog (for the US) and aspire for the club world cup in the near future. 

Play On The Field Is Always Moving In soccer games, there are no huddles nor scrimmages. Players must always be alert and active on the field. They don’t take breaks every couple of seconds to line up, crouch and start playing all over again. Because of its constant movement, soccer is more exciting for spectators. 

Soccer Players Are Multi-Skilled The athletes play both offense and defense, and are not specialists who can only catch passes or body-slam the opposition. The strategy in soccer is always to be swift and ongoing, not interrupted by what-are-we-gonna-do-next huddles. 

Size Isn’t Everything In Soccer Pro soccer games are rarely runaways, and a 1-0 victory makes for a tense, exciting game. In football, it’s the biggest and heaviest team of beefy giants that usually overpowers and outscores the squad of smaller players. 

You don’t need to be six-foot-eight and 340 pounds to be a soccer star. One of the all-time immortals of game, Pele (Edson Areantes do Nascimento), was five-foot-eight and weighed 165 pounds. Not one of the biggest in the National Football League, Mean Joe Greene was six-feet-four and weighed 275. 


No Need To Break The Bank For Soccer Tix The average ticket price for a non-premium seat at a NFL game this year for a New York Jets game is $118. The cost for a pro soccer contest at one of the most popular teams, England’s Manchester United, is 30 pounds, or about $48. 

Soccer Players Rarely Attempt Deliberate Injuries Although illegal tripping and other offenses are committed in soccer, a basic theme in pro football is to injure the quarterback or runner, so he’ll be taken out of the game. The New Orleans Saints were recently fined and had players and coach suspended for offering their defensive players extra money when they injured opposing players.