Wonderful Tips for including your Kids in Keeping the Home Clean

Trying to be a super-mom and prioritizing my life on a daily basis makes it tough to fit in all the household chores. It is important to me to spend quality time with my children. I do not want to spend all day cleaning. However, when my home is cluttered and disorganized I feel chaos. A house of order brings me peace and contentment. If my children know they can find their clothes for school neatly folded in their drawers it is a lot less hectic then if they are running around trying to find a clean shirt or matching sock. Realistically, there are going to be those days that don’t run so smoothly. If you can prioritize and organize hectic times might be fewer and far between.

In the Disney movie “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” it shows the seven dwarfs whistling while they work. In a fairy tale land it might look so simple. When we let chores pile up or put them aside to do another day, eventually it makes things start to look impossible to accomplish. In a perfect world, we would all have immaculate closets  amp; clean toilets, but this world isn’t perfect. Everyday life does get chaotic so set some goals you’d like to achieve each day, but don’t despair on those days that not everything gets accomplished.

I have found that young kids love to help around the house. Here are some tips that have helped me stay organized, feel less frazzled, and get the job done. I have also included some creative ways to include your young ones. And a bodenstaubsauger along with other efficient cleaning tools may help a lot.


Organize toys in Tupperware bins that have the child’s name on them. I use to label the bins with what toys were in them such as “Lego’s”. Although this can be helpful with older children I’ve found for younger aged children that it’s easier to just put the child’s name on the bin and then when it is clean up time they can just put the toys in the designated bin assigned to them.

For school aged children have a separate shelf or designated place to put homework or other school papers in. This should be gone through each night and unnecessary papers should be immediately thrown out.

Bringing in the mail each day can increase clutter in the home. To prevent papers from piling up, before you bring the mail inside sort through it by your outdoor garbage can and throw out those unnecessary ads and other offers. Remember to shred things that have personal information listed.

I store clothing that my children have out grown in boxes or Tupperware bins. Children are always replacing out grown clothes with new ones. As this occurs their dresser drawers and closets seem to be bulging at the seams. It is a great idea as the seasons change to go through all the clothing and either store them for later as hand me downs for other children, or donate them if you will not be using them again.


I like to do a detailed bathroom cleaning at least once a week and sometimes more with a house full of boys! The number one cleaning item for me are Clorox wipes, or any disinfectant wipe of choice will do. I also use paper towels, Windex, and tub cleaner. Sometimes I clean my bathroom while the children are taking a bath. Give child a wash cloth and have them pretend to clean the tub. This may sound silly but then they are still within an eye’s view, you are able to mark off one of your household tasks and child feels helpful. Use one wipe to clean entire outside of toilet and then another to clean the inside. Afterwards flush it down! Using another wipe, wipe down entire vanity and counter top. With final wipe get on hands and knees and then wipe down the tile or laminate flooring. Using the Windex clean the mirrors and faucets. When child’s bath time is over you can then finalize your sparkling bathroom by cleaning the tub with the cleaner of your choice.


Children love to help vacuum with their pretend vacuum cleaners. All I have to say is “It’s time to vacuum” and my little ones run a get their little vacuums and follow me around the house. Kindergarten aged children and younger really enjoy this. Their vacuum could be anything from a store bought one to a pretend one.


This is by far the chore that gets put to at the bottom of my list, yet it is perhaps the easiest one to get my children involved in. All I have to do is give my children any sort of old rag and have them wipe things down. They love this.

It doesn’t take to much effort to think of ways that you can include young children and save time doing household tasks. It shouldn’t take the whole day to clean your house if you maintain it with every day chores and you do not let things get out of hand. In no way do I feel like I am a “Super Mom”. Prioritizing my life is an everyday task. Including my children in keeping a house of order allows me to teach by example and gives me time well spent with them. It also teaches them to cooperate and work well with others.

A book that I love by Karla Dornacher, “Love in Every Room”, it reads: “There is order and there is disorder… and there’s somewhere in between. To be a perfectionist in your house keeping is not only no fun, it’s not healthy for you or your family. On the other hand, neither is being a slob. There is, however, a certain degree of orderliness and cleanliness necessary to create a pleasant, comfortable home. Whatever you do, be it dishes, laundry, do it with your whole heart to bless…not impress!