Are Contact Lenses Actually Safe?

Almost every first-time buyer of contact lenses has the same question- “Are contacts actually safe?” If you want a one-word answer, then it’s a “Yes”. Contact lenses are very much safe and have been approved by the medical community. In fact, according to doctors, lenses help to improve and sharpen vision.

But then, again, reports say that around 1 million people suffer from eye infections yearly caused by contact lenses. So, what’s the actual truth?

Lenses are not a problem

The basic truth is lenses themselves are not a problem. Most of lens-related infections or similar woes that you will see are due to improper usage of contact lenses. It’s the unmindful wearers who are to be blamed here and not the contact lenses. So, what are the causes that can lead you to trouble from wearing contact lenses? Please read the post below to know more.

Wearing weaker lenses

For some unknown reason, some people end up buying incompatible contact lenses that are weaker in power compared to their prescribed power. And this leads to severe discomfort in eyes after a point of time. If you wear weaker lenses, you will experience glare, eye fatigue, double vision or halos in a while. So, whether you are buying regular lenses or coloured contact lenses online australia, always follow your prescription meticulously to avoid the aforementioned issues.

Overuse of lenses

One of the main reasons why some contacts users suffer from eye infections is overuse of disposable lenses. If you are buying daily disposable lenses, make sure to dispose them after a day. Extended use, even after cleaning, will do more harm and no good. You will be left with severe problems like bacterial infection, serious dryness in the eyes, inflammation and even corneal ulcers. Don’t try to save a few bucks at the cost of your precious vision.

Not being mindful about cleaning

Contact lenses that are meant for extended use should be cleaned regularly and properly. Many instances of eye infection from lenses occur from improper maintenance of contact lenses.

Over time, your extended use lenses tend to accumulate bacteria and different infection-causing agents. If you don’t clean these properly every time before you wear the lenses, these infection-causing agents will get into your eye. And naturally, the results would be disastrous. So, make sure to follow a proper cleaning routine when you use lenses. If you are too busy for the clean-up, go for daily disposable lenses that don’t need clean-up. But then again, don’t wear these lenses beyond their scheduled time.

Besides, make sure to follow the right cleaning solutions that are especially designed for your chosen contact lenses. Always consult your doctor first if you ever plan to go for a different cleaning solution.

Other tips for safe contact lens usage

  • Always clean your hands before taking out or putting on contact lenses
  • Your lenses should not ever come in touch with saliva
  • If you love to wear eye make-up, wear them after you put on the lenses
  • If you wear liquid eye make-up, say eye-linear, make sure it does not drip onto the lenses
  • Finally, use high quality genuine contact lenses