Bandarq Provider Microgaming Names Head Of Marketing For Asia Ops

The increasing popularity of online gambling is tempting many companies to invest in it and earn profits. There are several companies which provide gambling software to various casinos all over the world. Amongst them, Microgaming is the pioneer in providing gambling software to the casinos. It was the first company to sell the casinos its gambling software which enables the customer to play BandarQ, poker, slots, roulette, and many other games. With the rapid increase in the number of consumers of Microgaming software in the Asian region, this company has recently introduced a new face as the head of marketing for Asia operations.

What is BandarQ?

It is one of the gambling games mostly famous in the Asian region. Unlike other games, it uses domino as an attribute. It can be referred to as a fortune game. It has to be played in a pair. Two people compete with one another. The dominos are rolled and the person getting two dots a maximum number of times,wins the game. For playing BandarQ, a player has to get himself registered on one of the sites offering this game. After that, the player has to place a bet in the form of money which he has to upload to the website’s server. If the player wins the game, the winning amount will be added to his wager but in case the player loses the match then his money won’t be returned.

Microgaming, being one of the leading software providers to the world of gambling has to keep the marketing operations in Asia under check. Asia is an emerging market and has the potential to maximize the profits of the company. BandarQ is one of the famous online gambling games played in the Asian region and company like Microgaming which is having top-skilled leaders won’t miss the chance to grab hold of the Asian gambling market.