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Find A Quick Way To Post Quirky Instagram Friends Caption

Instagram has become an app that most users are addicted to because of how easy it is to utilize. It has become quite popular and there are more than a few reasons why everyone is on the app.

Making people connect

As the whole world has come to a temporary stop because of the pandemic that is going on, communication has become quite hard because there is no way to meet each other. To keep all the relationships intact, one can take the help of this app to talk to their loved ones constantly. 

Posting pictures 

People can easily get to know what their loved ones are doing as there is an option of putting up videos and photos on the feed. It boosts the confidence of many about their looks. It is a great way of finding people from across the globe and making friends as humans are social animals and they can’t go without talking to others. 

Getting creative with captions

One can put all their creativity in this sector as it is a way to truly express their feelings and emotions. Captions are a great source in explaining what is going on in the picture that makes the followers more interested in others life. But many face a hard time deciding to choose what caption they can post with the picture and for them, some blogs can be of immense help. They post suitable captions for all situations like instagram friend captions that will make the entire task much easier.

If you want your followers to fall in love with your quirky captions then the best way to do it is to take aid from these sites to find them. It will keep people entertained as there is a list of amazing captions made especially to grab the attention of followers. Next time you post a picture with these fun captions, expect your followers to keep wondering where you are getting them from. 

Social Media Is About Discoverability Search Is About Learning More

A few weeks ago, I was listening to an episode of Jay Baer’s podcast SocialPros with SEOMoz’s Rand Fishkin. Awesome podcast by the way

What picked my attention is something Rand said about the difference between social and search. It was that:

“Social is about how we discover things, while search is about how we learn more” ClickToTweet

I know that we always ask the question of which medium is more effective than the other as I always see business owners and marketers’ debate about whether social traffic is more qualified than search’s or the opposite!

Before we dig into which one is better, let’s first see what each of the 2 statements mean.

Social Media Is About Discoverability

  • Did you ever wonder how we find things on social media?
  • I bet that if you think for a while, you’ll see that 99.99% of the things we find on Twitter, Facebook or any other social platform, we find them by accident. Here is the scenario:
  • You login to your twitter profile, you check your main stream or the lists that you have and each time you read an interesting tweet, you follow the link to learn more about that subject.
  • In this case, you weren’t necessarily searching for that particular information, you just “Stumbled” on it by chance and figured out that it might be of help to you!
  • To explain this further, imagine that you’re walking down the street. You stumble across a shop that has a pretty interesting item in the front and you get curious to know more about it. You go into the shop, ask the person in charge for more information, and if you really like it, you end up buying it!
  • Did you think that you’re going to buy this item when you woke up in the morning? Nooo!
  • This is the real power of social media. Discoverability!
  • How You Take Advantage of This?
  • Easy!

You just make your messages as attention grabbing as they could be!

  • Curiosity is one of the most powerful strings you can strike when it comes to social media marketing. Remember, people aren’t searching for you, your products or services. They’re just surfing around until they stumble on your stuff. If you don’t get them to do that first micro conversion and follow the link, then there is a chance that they may never stumble on your stuff again!
  • Discoverability is actually one part of the social equation. Engagement is the other part. It’s not enough to just grab people’s attention so they get disappointed when they decide to check your stuff out. It’s necessary to maintain that level of interest even after you convert them.

Search Is About Learning More

  • When do we go to Google?
  • Each and every time we have a question about something!
  • We already know a little bit about this thing we’re searching for, but we want to “Learn More”.
  • We go to search engines intentionally to search more about a subject that we’re already interested in. When I’m doing research to write a blog post, I don’t go to Facebook and Twitter. I go to Google to find out more. When I’m having a technical problem with my website, I don’t go to social media, I go to Google!
  • So, as you can see, Google is more of a problem solver than it is about surfing around discovering stuff. While in the previous example, social media was about going down the street and discovering a new thing, search is more when you have a problem with your car, and you go to a car repair shop to fix it.

How You Take Advantage Of This?

  • Just so you know, in search, not all keywords are created equal. There are broad ones that don’t convert really well despite the amount of traffic they bring, and there are long tail keywords that could be buyer keywords (the last step of research the prospect takes before they buy).
  • An example of this would be: electric guitar Vs how much does a Fender American Stratocaster costs. The narrower you go down, the better you’ll convert.
  • Also, if you want to take advantage of this valuable traffic source, then you should answer every question your prospects are asking. I’m not saying that you should answer it in a paragraph or 2, I meant a detailed/in-depth answer that leave no question marks. Remember, we go to Google mostly because we have a problem, we “Need” to solve. If you don’t have a detailed post that addresses that problem in great detail, then the searcher will go elsewhere to find out more, and you don’t want that, do you?

Which One Is More Important?

  • One of the most common things I see people debate on when it comes to traffic quality is which traffic source is better in terms of conversion.
  • Many marketers will say that search engine traffic is way better in quality than social media traffic. Most also say that social media traffic has the lowest quality and doesn’t convert well in terms of leads/customers.
  • I tell you that this is absolutely not true according to my experience with social media traffic, but let’s talk about that in a while.
  • Many marketers as well as business owners still get social media wrong. To clarify this, social media lies in the larger base of the pyramid where you reach a wider audience. On the other hand, search lies in the narrower top of the pyramid where the conversion happens (mostly).
  • If you don’t generate enough interest for your products and services, would you think that people would bother going to Google to do more search?
  • If your prospects don’t discover you through social media, then how on earth would they even know that you exist?
  • If you really want to make the best use of these 2 mediums, then you need to start thinking of them as 2 powerful mediums that complete each other. If you think of them as separate components of your conversion funnel, then you’ll be missing a lot.
  • To address my point about social media traffic, Twitter generates more leads for me than any other medium I get traffic from (whether it’s search engines or social platforms). This might seem shocking to many people, but that’s the truth. It might be because I’m fairly active on Twitter and I promote my lead magnets very often, but the conversion rate is higher than any other traffic source.
  • Another point I wanted to make is to keep people who land on your websites as long as possible, so they don’t go away and search for more information in other places. A great strategy Marcus Sheridan implements is to answer all of your prospect’s questions including the ones about the price of your products and services as well as detailed comparisons of your products and your competitor’s products. This might scare the heck out of most business owners, but again, this age is only for brave businesses, and as Chris Brogan likes to say “Work better, be brave, and Tell Bigger Stories.”

  • That being said, what are your thoughts on this? Do you agree on the points made in the post? Also, if you have any additions, we would really appreciate it if you share them with us in the comment section bellow. Good luck!
  • If you search online on websites that provide YouTube subscribers, there’ll be tons of them. So, you have to know where to buy youtube subscribers. Before make your decision, you would like to think about all aspects so as to avoid fall for scam. Buying subscribers isn’t something that you simply can do without a search first. You ought to conduct some marketing research and check the reviews that website before anything. Buying subscribers may be a common practice done by famous celebrities, musicians, bloggers, artists, companies and marketers from everywhere the planet so as to urge recognition and famous in quicker way.

What is Social Media? Social Media of The Future!

We keep hearing social media thrown around over and over these days. You can’t turn on the television or radio without hearing a mention of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. So, what is this thing called social media and why is it becoming so popular these days?What can social media do for you? You most likely already use social media before and perhaps don’t even realize it or the true potential that it stores. The more you learn about what social media is, the better able you will be to determine the different ways in which it can help you.

There are so many different venues for social media today. New sites are popping up each and every day to help you find freshly innovative ways to interact with other people online. Here are some examples of types of social media:

  • Micro-Blogging
  •  Blogging and Articles
  •  Social Bookmarking
  •  Social Networking Sites
  •  Business Network Groups
  •  Content Based Sharing
  •  Photo Share Websites
  •  Book Discussions

 Much More! All of these things are part of what we call Web 2.0 – connecting people and information, and is used throughout social media. Here’s a breakdown of some of these.

It seems every day that new social networking sites are popping up. A few popular ones are LinkedIN, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Plurk. These sites are mostly utilized to help people make friends or keep in touch with their family or friends who live far away. Social networking sites allow you to also share pictures, videos and other content. The latest trend news available at YouTube channel needs to be correct and real. It should not offer any false information to the person to have the benefits.  The information can be shared with the friends and relatives to get the desired results. 

The ease of use and low entry cost makes social media sites great networking for businesses as well. Blogging plays a major role in Web 2.0 and several businesses are using blogging to better convey their message and create a better connection with their customers. Social media can be a substantial differentiator between you and your competitors. You can advertise and market your blogs with social networking sites as well as reach prospects and engage with customers at an entirely different level.

Squidoo and other content sharing are another popular choice. These let you add articles, reviews and other information easily to share with others. This can be a great to promote products, new business offerings and more. This is an important way and simple platform to express your talents on the Web and share with a mass or focused audience.

A whole different dimension we will delve deeper into in different articles are bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites help people bookmark favorite web pages and share with others – sometimes with reviews. Some examples include Technorati, Mister-Wong, Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and more. You can create and network through these social bookmarking sites to help you manage and promote your content online.

The type of social media content use will help you determine which types of sites to focus on. There are so many options than ever before – and more importantly it’s a way to connect and share personally and professionally at a different level. Anyone can learn to use and benefit from social media. How will you make it work for you?

Instagram a Best Tool for Social Media Optimization

Instagram has become such a strong phenomenon and left many a folk surprised. It has emerged as the latest pin up portal and the blue eyed message machine on the social media dais and captivated the attention of hundreds of millions of users across the world. The best thing about it is that people are entitled to post and send crisp and short messages, as short as they can make it. People are able to relate the same with what they do in mobile phones. Even there, they keep the messages short and ensure that what they wish to convey is done within a given word limit which is not gone beyond with.

Instagram has become an integral part of social media optimization. Out of all the SMO Tools operational over the web, Instagram has emerged as the single largest tool responsible for driving and bringing in enormous traffic influx. It has become a rage across all strata of people with folks from all walks of life coming over and joining the bandwagon, wanting to experience the power of the ‘Tweet’. The ‘Tweeple’ force has become authoritative with factions being formed and people getting their own slice of entertainment through something very impressive.

Social media optimization has become even more interesting after the introduction of Instagram. The addition of this tool to the existing gamut of SMO Tools has made the equation even more effective. Service providers providing SMO Services are able to reach out to more users, in a very effective and compelling manner. They are able to convince them about the service being marketed and have tried their best to put in a very strong show regarding the product being promoted.

Instagram offers every possible space required to go ahead with a social media optimization campaign. Messages can be sent, received, shared and displayed. Photos too can be put up for public view through links and so can be videos. The streaming happens effortlessly and with ease. Opinions can be posted quite crisply and they can be asked for also. Blogs can be posted through links and so can be threads where discussions happen. So in short, Instagram is an all-in-one package. It has everything that a social media campaign would ask for and acts as a proverbial one stop shop where the end user finds everything. Instagram can also be linked in other social media platforms such as Instagram. Hence, it will be easier for people especially those who have social media presence for their business to grow their following. For more tips on how to do so, you can visit this site:

Without Instagram, SMO is definite to become paralyzed. It cannot even go a step further and create an impression. People conscience has become such that they instantly connect with Instagram and want to have everything right there. Whatever they are being shown, they wish to see a fully developed promotional and marketing campaign on Instagram. Through this, they want to ensure that they get to see and know everything. They consider Instagram to be an integral part of their lives and want to know everything that the social networking portal has to offer. They want a slice of everything on Instagram, hence, making it a very important tool to perform social media optimization on.

Sales Funnel’ Marketing in Social Media Movements

In ‘Revolution 2.0‘, Egyptian Google executive Wael Ghonim describes how he used traditional marketing practices to galvanize and mobilize the members of the Facebook group he’d created, Kullena Khaled Said (‘We Are All Khaled Said‘), in order to achieve justice for a young Egyptian man who mysteriously died while being arrested by Egyptian police in June of 2010. This Facebook group eventually played a pivotal role in the Egyptian revolution.

According to Ghonim, he employed “sales funnel” marketing in order to mobilize public support for the cause of demanding justice for Said’s death. His approach included the following steps:

  • Convince people to join the Facebook page and read its posts
  • Convince users to interact with content by ‘liking’ and commenting on posts and used
  • Move them to participate in the page’s online campaigns, and even to contribute their own content
  • Take the activism to the streets

In order to get each member to feel as if the movement was just as much his or hers as anyone else’s, and also to assuage the fears that so many members held of government retribution, Ghonim asked the members to take pictures of themselves holding up signs that read “Kullena Khaled Said,” and post them to the group’s page.

Hundreds of people — men and women of all ages and backgrounds, and even expatriate Egyptians — sent in photos of themselves holding those signs, which Ghonim published on the Facebook page. These images, says Ghonim, had more impact than any words might have. They put a face to the movement, personifying the members of the group as the movement itself.

Ghonim goes on to describe one particularly stirring photo:

These images proved to be profoundly effective in creating and galvanizing the group’s community. Members affirmed the message of those in the images by commenting on the photos, thanking them for their bravery. “Such admiration and instant positive interaction,” says Ghonim, “encouraged even more members to post their pictures.”

Many in the United States will recognize the methods used by the members of Kullena Khaled Said as something similar to the elements employed in the We Are the 99 Percent Tumblr associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

This Tumblr, which took off about a week before the September 17 occupation of Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, New York, is comprised of a series of photos of men and women of various ages, races, and economic backgrounds. In each photo, the person holds up a piece of paper telling his or her story of economic hardship. These stories often include somewhat personal information, such as job status, mental illness, or family tragedy.

The Tumblr, which is still active today, was similar to Ghonim’s photo campaign in that it provided other Americans the means to connect on an emotional level. People would ‘like’ or reblog photos, as well as send in their own pictures for posting on Tumblr.

This blog quickly became the online personification of the Occupy Wall Street movement, allowing Americans from all geographic regions and personal backgrounds to take part in a movement whose physical manifestation initially took up nothing more than a 33,000 square-foot plot of Manhattan real estate.

Although we can never be sure precisely how effective these social media memes were in getting their proponents out into the streets for their causes, it is worth noting that both Ghonim’s Facebook group and the ‘We are the 99 Percent’ Tumblr successfully employed similar methods in galvanizing and mobilizing their movements online.

Best Social Media Sites – What are the features?

What Are The Best Social Media Sites ?

With the Internet coming to prominence in the mid 90′s in homes anyway it marked the biggest boom in media evolution since the launch of the television sets. The possibilities of the Internet then however could not have been measured and the way in which the social media sites of today run our lives could never have been predicted. People spend their lives on Facebook and spend their days wondering when people will get back to them. It is estimated that the western world spends a quarter of all time that is spent on the Internet on social media websites. This means that a quarter of all the attention focused on the Internet is spent on these social media websites, what a fantastic opportunity for people and companies to utilise this opportunity and make the most out of the opportunity that is there for the taking. Social media sites in Ireland and across the world are becoming ever bigger all the time and they are being targeted by big companies as the first point of contact for their latest advertising campaigns to make sure that all the social networks in Ireland and across the rest of the world contain their product.

Are The Best Social Media Sites Free ?

Yes. The best social media sites are free, however, there are generally advertising costs. This means that the price of the advert to provide goes up, a capitalist theory says that supply and demand drives everything up and when the demand is more in this instance of course Facebook, Twitter, etc. Will all drive their prices up in order to make the most out of the situations at hand, considering they don’t need to charge any of their users money to survive all their income comes from advertisements and therefore they will get as many as them as possible for as much money as possible. Social media sites in Ireland are able to exploit a lot of companies in Ireland for their advertising rights, because they know the opportunity that is available to the companies to access as many people as possible. Buy 20 Instagram likes for pictures from real people at 2$ from the best websites. The charges of the other sites are more in comparison to it. A budget can be prepared for spending money for the purchase of likes for the posts. 

Life has never been the same since the huge boom in social network sites that have hit us in the last ten years, first MySpace and now especially Facebook as well as the latest uprising of Twitter have provided the world with scenes that we could have only dreamt of year ago in fact I don’t think we would have even be able to dream this.

Life is what you make it and by putting yourself on these websites you are giving yourself the best possible opportunity to put your business in the right domain to put your business on the map and make yourself a lot of money. There is an unlimited opportunity on these websites and it is quite possibly the only advertising means where you pay a certain price and you can actually get an increasing value for money out of companies as the number of people viewing your advert grows after you have purchased the contract, this is an opportunity you cannot afford to pass up.

Top 15 Best Tips And Tricks To Use Tiktok Like A Pro

Tiktok currently has 500 million users worldwide. Want to be popular? Use these cool tricks and tips to make it to the trending videos.

Note, Content is everything on this app. Unlike YouTube or Instagram, a video can go viral with only a few followers. So let’s start!

  • Look presentable. Put a nice profile picture and try to look nice in your videos. Use good lighting.
  • 150 characters limit is not a lot. Keep your caption as short as you can and use the rest for relevant hashtags for greater visibility.
  • Use keywords in your caption.
  • Level up your game with the speed effect. You can create a superfast funny video or a dramatic slow-mo.
  • Tiktok allows you to put an effect on a particular segment of the video rather than the entire one. Be creative with this. Make a mix of different effects.

  • Extract sounds from other videos. Choose a sound from a viral video and add your own flavor to it by which we mean, keep your video original.
  • To become trending, be trendy! Create challenges, make a hashtag, and ask out your friends to accept the challenge and tag you.
  • Post when users are most active. A simple Google search will help you determine the peak times in your area and standard time. You can also find out in the app itself if you have a pro account.
  • Promote videos by sharing it on other social media accounts including yours and others’.
  • Repost trending videos. Direct Tik Tok video download from other users is easy. Just long-press on the video and select ‘save video’.

  • Embarrassed about low likes count? Switch to private mode.
  • Collaborate with users having a decent number of audiences already. Duet features can come handy.
  • Share your Tiktok profile on your other social media bio.
  • Filter out negative comments on settings.
  • Engage more and be regular with posting.

Happy posting!

Why the Mainstream Media Hates Twitter, and Why They’re Wrong

Quite a few folks in the mainstream media have a big problem with Twitter. This mostly revolves around the fact that the formerly small social networking application such as has grown way beyond its initial concept and is effectively doing a great deal of the media’s work for them, without the encumbrance of a lot of rules or editing.

That idea, which has actually been coming for a long time and has been showing its roots ever since the internet became a widespread phenomenon, has led to Twitter being demonized when, in fact, it just seems like the traditional press is again one step behind today’s realities.

I was thinking about that the other day as I read a local sportswriter’s column, all about venality and how the small comments of even fringe athletes and sports figures have become big news in the world of tweets. He was lamenting this fact with an article filled to the brim with wonderment that folks would actually be so shallow as to pay attention to what “unimportant” people post, especially without worrying about the filter that usually accompanies a person’s quotes in a mainstream media article.

Of course, the irony of a print reporter spending his entire weekly column blasting Twitter as irrelevant was not lost on me. In fact, you can search the net (a previous “fad” that turned out to be not so temporary) and find plenty of reporters and commentators from established news sources who spend entire articles talking about how they proudly ignore Twitter. Oh. Really?

Those who dismiss Twitter as a “gimmick” or something we’ll all “get over” miss the entire point. Whether the specific Twitter application sticks around or not, the fact is the way people gather information has changed, and it’s changed for the better. In the process, that seems to have pointed out some uncomfortable truths in our society that many would prefer to have remained hidden.

For instance, a lot of comments are made today about the death of civility. The recent anger of the right against the president is often cited. Instead of looking at the source, however, people seem to want to blame the messenger. Just last week, Obama himself subtly criticized the “24-hour news cycle” and the internet because it’s so easy to be rude and get attention. The idea is that we’re supposed to believe information overload and easy access to a bullhorn is making people rude and angry.

Well, now. I taught history a long time and I know for a fact none of our current generations invented rudeness. To stay with the example of politics, today’s climate is not all that different from many political eras before our time. In the 1960s, television and radio (and even music) revolutionized the way America reacted to politics and world events. The core anger and unrest, however, has happened many times before. Read the Declaration of Independence or Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty” speech. Angry documents, from a time when political enemies were often literally tarred and feathered.

Actually, we live in a particularly civilized age, one that features inclusion and tolerance among the world’s people at historic highs. Yes, there are barbaric things going on in the world, and, yes, there is hate and anger out there everywhere. But that’s the way it has always been, even more than it is now.

The difference? Awareness. Therein lies the problem mainstream media has with something as simple and “inconsequential” as Twitter. We don’t have to depend on traditional outlets (or times of the day, or TV editors) anymore to find out what is going on and what people are saying about it

With the filters of “journalistic integrity” somewhat removed from the way we receive information, we get more truth than ever before. Not all of it is pretty. Not all of it is meaningful. But it is more real than ever.

Would the right’s seething hatred for Obama be a better thing if we were mostly unaware of it? Of course not, in fact, I’d argue it would be a far more dangerous pattern if it simmered under the surface. Would people be less rude or less angry if we didn’t have the internet? Unlikely. Crime, murder, drugs, prejudice, corruption-all things that flourished long before you could search them as terms.

I think it came as a little shock when Twitter went down recently and the government was concerned. Mainstream journalists didn’t like that, and I understand. Nobody wants to be made irrelevant. And they don’t have to be. News outlets, the ones that consider themselves “real” news outlets, have been playing catch-up to the internet for a long time, trying to find a way to grab hold, and make money, and control. It’s unnecessary. There is plenty of room for both methods to existing.

What there is no room for is elitism in the face of technology. What the internet, the ultimate grassroots campaign, has proven is that you can’t wish the modern world away. We are going to be tweeting, or whatever it ends up being called, from here on out because, in the end, the old journalistic slogan is just as accurate as ever: people are suckers for the truth. Like it or not, Twitter is a platform for reality, and there is nothing virtual about it.

Get Famous On Facebook

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With the help of facebook you can now ensure that you make the most of your exposure. You will be given the chance to show your product on facebook and you need to take it forward from there. With the help of facebook you can now make sure that your product reaches almost all smartphones around the world. Even for people that are not on facebook, your product will become known to them when other people in their household start talking about it. This is something that can happen when your post goes viral. However in order to ensure that your post grabs the attention of people you need to have an amazing post that users cannot scroll past. You will even be able to ensure that you are making the most of your time in hand by improving your product because facebook will take care of marketing it for you.