Conversion Rate in Email Analytics and Metrics

Email campaigns and email analytics are usually handled by a brand’s email marketer and it’s basically their job to ensure that target audience will actually be interested in the emails that the brand sends out. Email analytics gives us access to a ton of data like who opens the emails, when do they usually open them and what device was used. Through data like this, then entire email campaign can be changed or enhanced in order to attract even more potential clients. Take note that email analytics make use of email metrics and one if these crucial metrics is the conversion rate.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rates are the percentage of the recipients of the email that actually clicked on the link that you provided in the email or have completed simple actions stated in the email; some of these actions include completing a lead generation form, visiting the page or actually purchasing the product. Conversion rates are easy to compute, you just have to divide the number of people who clicked on the link or did the desired action by the total number of emails that were delivered and the answer is multiplied by a hundred.

Right after the recipient of the email clicks right through the email, your next goal would be to actually convince them to avail the offer. Let’s say that the main purpose of your email is to offer the audience a chance to download something like a free eBook. It’s the email marketer’s job to consider people who might actually be interested and they will be the conversions. Since the very definition of the conversion is directly linked with the call-to-action displayed in the email and the said call-to-action is tied with the goal of the email marketing then the conversion rate would be considered as the most crucial way to determine whether or not the goal is achieved.