Garden Fountains To Enhance Your Garden

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Garden fountains add glamour and interest to even the smallest garden or backyard

There can be few sights more spectacular or dramatic than the garden fountains at Versailles in France. But very few of us have such grand gardens, and for most of us, our garden fountains are on a more modest scale. Nevertheless, the right garden fountain can bring any garden alive.

There’s a huge range of garden fountains in all different styles and materials to choose from, such as corner fiberglass garden fountains, wall fiberglass garden fountains, pond, and waterfall combined fiberglass garden fountains, synthetic rock fiberglass garden fountains, so it’s important to get one that’s suitable for your garden.

Deciding why you want a garden fountain and what purpose it will serve in your garden should help narrow down your choice. It might be the appeal of the sight and sound of gently splashing water on a hot summer’s day or perhaps the water display of a garden fountains will add interest and glamour to your garden. This will help determine what sort of garden fountains to look for.

Then decide what will look good in your garden. If your garden is informal, naturalistic, or a wildlife garden then a grand, formal garden fountain will look out of place. Also, large garden fountains can dominate small gardens. Here a bubble or wall fountain running into a pool might be more appropriate.

Next, decide what sort of material is best for your garden fountain. Traditional concrete and stone garden fountains are being replaced by fountains made from modern materials. These include resin and fiberglass, which are lightweight, cheaper, require little maintenance, and are very strong. High-quality garden fountains using modern materials will give many years of trouble-free service.

If you decide on fiberglass or resin material for your garden fountains make sure the surface texture and color are not painted on. This will quickly erode to leave ugly and unsightly white patches.

Having decided on the material for your garden fountain, consider the water and electricity supply to run the pump, what size pump you need, and who is going to install it. This requires professional guidance by qualified installers who will be able to give good advice about installation and safety requirements.

Alternatively, go for a self-contained garden fountain where the piping is all contained within a self circulating system. Many of these self-contained garden fountains have small ponds incorporated into them, some are even large enough for a few fish.

Lastly, consider the maintenance of your garden fountains, particularly through the winter months. If you live in an area where it freezes then your garden fountains will need to be protected. The water must be turned off, and the pump and all pipes protected from severe and prolonged frost.

Given a bit of thought and planning garden fountains are a wonderful addition to gardens. The sight and sound of splashing water have a magical quality that is quite irresistible. Whether you have a small informal backyard or a grand formal palace or something in between, it’s possible to find just the right garden fountains for you.