Get Stains Off With Ease

Speaking out of experience, it completely takes care of dog fur that sticks to the carpet. However, it is a little sluggish when it comes to deep cleaning and slightly bigger pieces of dog food. In a nutshell, the best steam mops for laminate floors could be a good investment for a steam mop but do not expect it to play the role of a good enough vacuum cleaner.

The unique selling proposition is the counter-rotating brushes. Since these brushes are detachable, it makes them easier to clean. These brushes are able to withstand machine washes and emerge just fine. Since the tanks and brushes are both detachable and washable, this machine becomes easy to maintain as well.

On purchasing this model you get 16 ounces of cleaning detergent. This detergent is very powerful and will help you remove deep rooted spills and stains that you have been trying to get rid of for quite some time now and steam hasn’t been of great help. I personally am not a fan of solutions like these and am thankful there aren’t many stubborn stains I need to get rid of. Hence, I simply trust the steam cleaner which provides me with thorough cleaning. Although, I have used this device for various floors like: tiled, carpeted and hardwood and the results are decent.

However, I would like to point out certain areas that need improvement. Firstly, the short cord makes it difficult to reach places which are far away from the socket board. It could be annoying to plug and unplug repeatedly while cleaning. Even though the Laminate floor Steam Mop is sleek looking it is not exactly very silent. For professionals working from home it could be a little distracting, it would be great if this aspect of the unit is taken of.