How A Person Can Have A Lucky Chance In The Raid Battles?

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go for a while, you probably know that Raid Battles are the most fun part of the game. But you might also be wondering how to get those rare legendary Pokemon.

The answer is simple – it’s all about getting lucky. In fact, there are certain things you can do to improve your chances of completing a raid successfully and getting a legendary!

How To Get Lucky in Raid Battles?

In order to get lucky, you need to have a few things going for you. First of all, you need to be able to catch enough wild Pok√©mon to complete a legendary raid. And then you need to go out and find them without being caught by any other players or trainers. This means using stealth when possible, keeping an eye on your tracker so you don’t accidentally trigger a battle with a trainer, and taking advantage of the time limit to hide in places where no other players will ever think to look.

But even if you manage to avoid every single person who could potentially be standing between you and the legendary Pokemon, there’s still a chance that something bad will happen during a raid. If this happens, the best thing to do is to start over again from scratch – you may have missed some of the legendary Pokemon but you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to catch one after all!

Here are some tips for making raids successful:

1) Be patient

Legendary Pokemon aren’t easy to capture. Even if you’re lucky enough to find one in the wild, they may take quite a bit longer than regular Pokemon to evolve into their final form. Plus, they tend to stick around in specific areas for long periods of time, so you’ll want to focus on those areas as much as possible.

2) Keep track of your progress

Your progress toward catching a legendary Pokemon isn’t just limited to the number of times you’ve seen it. The more information you keep track of, the better off you’ll be. Make sure you remember which legendary Pokemon you’ve seen, which ones you haven’t, and whether or not you’ve managed to catch them yet.

3) Don’t rely too heavily on luck

Raid battles are meant to be exciting, but they should never be taken too seriously. If you fail to catch a legendary because you weren’t lucky enough to see it, it doesn’t matter what steps you took in preparation. You’ll probably find another one eventually.

There are two major ways you can increase your odds of finding a legendary:

Use the “Find Stash” feature

Join raids

Let’s take a closer look at each option:

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Using the Find Stash Feature

This is perhaps the easiest way to hunt down legendary Pokemon. There are a lot of different types of stashes dotted throughout the world, so you won’t run out of options anytime soon. Each stash contains a variety of items, including some that you can only find in specific locations.

You can find stashes near PokeStops, by talking to other players, or by just walking around and looking for them. However, you can actually use the Find Stash feature in the game to help make this easier. After tapping on the search icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen, tap on the “Find Stash” button next to the Pokemon you want to find.

A list of nearby stashes will appear. Tap on the one you want and you’ll receive a notification letting you know that you’ve found a new stash. Now all you need to do is head over to that stash to grab whatever item you’re after.

Joining Raids

One huge benefit of raiding is that you can get legendary Pokemon that you wouldn’t necessarily be able to find in the wild. Of course, doing this requires you to join someone else’s raid, and there are only a handful of people who have access to legendary raids.

To join a raid, you need to talk to the person hosting the raid on the map. As long as you’re willing to follow their directions and stay quiet, you should be good to go!

Once you’re done searching for legendary Pokemon, you can always check out our guide to legendary Pokemon here to learn more about each individual Pokemon.

And finally…

Trading With Other Players

Trading with other players can be very useful, especially when you’re trying to obtain a particular legendary. Since trading is such an integral part of the Pokemon Go experience, it’s definitely worth mentioning that you can get the best deals by joining a trade group.

Trade groups are made up of many other players interested in the same type of Pokemon. Because of this, you’ll usually be able to get higher quality Pokemon than you would through normal trading alone.

It’s important to note that the value of Pokemon you trade for depends on the rarity of the Pokemon you’re receiving. So it pays to choose wisely. Once you’ve completed the trade, you can send the Pokemon back to the person who asked for it. They’ll then give you the corresponding amount of PokeCoins.

And now you know how to catch legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go. But what if you really want to get ahold of a legendary Pokemon without all of the hassle? Check out our article explaining how to get a Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Go.