Increase Your Weight Lifting Gains With A Lifting Belt

When you lift weights for some time, if your experience is typical, you begin to experience a plateau in your ability to make progress. Weight lifting is like most other physical activities: you can only get so good before the gains stop coming and you don’t get better anymore.

So how do you keep getting stronger and more fit if you have reached this point in your training? Well, there’s good news. Over the years, experienced lifters have developed many methods of increasing their weight lifting abilities and raising the intensity of the training effect. One of the simplest ways to keep the results coming at a good rate is to wear a weight lifting belt.

Weight lifting belts are simple. They’re nothing more than a wide leather (or similar material) belt that straps around the abdomen. A heavy buckle keeps it in place, and it’s possible to either tighten it up or loosen it quickly and easily.

While weight lifting chalk lets you ‘grip’ the bar with more confidence, the purpose of the weightlifting belt is to allow you to ‘push’ your breath against your abdominal wall without causing an abdominal hernia. And why (you may ask) would you want to push your breath this way?

This is a technique used by all advanced weight lifters. It allows them to strengthen and solidify the ‘core’, which in turn supports the lumbar spine. Since the lumbar spine is usually the weak link that gives out first when weight lifting intensity is very high, it makes sense that hardcore weight lifters, bodybuilders, and strength athletes need to do anything and everything possible to support the lower spine and increase the solidity (what we call ‘intraabdominal pressure’) of the core area. In short, this solidity stabilizes the spine, allowing you to lift more weight and train even harder than you’d otherwise be able.

I’m sure you’re aware, but hard training isn’t just designed to make you exhausted or to make you feel like a tough guy. In fact, it’s essential to getting better and building larger, more powerful muscles. This ‘overload’ training is how muscles grow. Unless you challenge them with hard workouts that are more intense than your previous efforts, your muscles won’t increase in size and strength. ‘Progressive overload’ is the key to muscle building.

Since the weight lifting belt allows you to lift harder and with more intensity, your muscular gains keep on coming for longer than they would if you didn’t wear a belt. That’s the simple point that most beginner don’t seem to understand.

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As mentioned earlier, over the years, advanced lifters have developed many methods of increasing intensity so they could keep getting bigger and stronger. But the most effective and simplest of these methods is the weight lifting belt.