How to Match Accessories to Your Outfit

Accessories could break or make your look. Consider the style, scale and color of the jewelry when choosing fashion accessories to complement your outfit. Also, you always want to remember what occasion you are attending. You don’t want to wear sexy body jewelry in a funeral.


Accessories in any color look coordinated and stylish when you are wearing white, black, or other neutral colors. However, make sure your jewelry does not clash if you are wearing an outfit with a lot of colors.

You could go back to the color wheel basics. Of course, yellow, blue and red are the primary colors. The results of mixing those colors are the secondary colors.

Secondary and primary colors that are side by side on the color wheel are similar to each other. They very well work together when they are complemented on the same darkness or lightness level.


The fashion jewelry scale is significant also. Simple accessories are the best choice if you are wearing patterns. Jewelry and accessories that are too stylish would make prints look messy. This is similar to embellished or embroidered, sequined, or ruffled garments. Wear accessories that are understated. This will keep emphasis on your look.

Your handbag’s shape and scale are also essential. In addition to what you are wearing, you should consider the type of body you have. Tall and thin girls look great with slouchy and short bags like clutches and hobos. Women that are petite must avoid satchels that are oversized. A bag like this will overwhelm the small frame of a petite woman.


Fashion jewelry could define your style. Jeans and a white shirt or a simple black dress could completely look different depending on your jewelry, shoes, handbag, or other accessories choice.