Richest In Hollywood

It’s no secret that actors and actresses get paid filthy lot of money because of their movie deals, reruns of their shows on television and also endorsement deals. Most of them have so much money that if they stopped working right now, they could live their entire life blissfully. Here is a list of the richest celebrities.


The first person and the richest person on our list are a comedian, actor, writer and producer, Jerry Seinfeld. He was the writer, producer and actor of the famous show called Seinfeld which started the era of shows centered on a group of friends. He has also been the creator of various other shows like Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and also signed a massive endorsement deal of $10 million with Microsoft, and all this has lead to him in amassing a massive $820 million.


The second person on our list has featured in iconic movies like Top Gun and Mission Impossible. He was known for doing his own stunts on the Mission Impossible saga and was even paid $290 million for one of the movies. He has started making way lesser movies now but he can only do that because he has amassed $480 million worth of wealth.


Johnny Depp is known as a chameleon for the great variety of roles that he does. He even has 3 Oscar nominations and is probably known as one of the best actors of his age. He has done many movies with his partner Tim Burton and was paid $185 million for the Pirates of the Caribbean Series. He is worth $450 million.


Tyler Perry has come a long way from writing plays and has featured in famous TV shows like Have and the Have Nots, For Better or Worse and if Loving you is Wrong. He has also featured in the Madea movie Series and is worth about $450 million.