RSPS List For Gaming

Are you in pursuit of a safe Runescape private server? You can easily access one by checking the renounced private server community lists. These RSPS list will grant many results .The top results on the list are most likely to be the safest ones free from scam.

To avoid falling victim of scams in the RSPS lists you can make your own private server by following the following easy steps:

  • Download the latest version of java form the java website for free. Runescape only runs in java.
  • Install the java development kit. This is also absolutely free. Download the latest version of this kit from oracle website in the java section.
  • Download client files and the Runescape server. For a first timer a starter pack from RuneLocus websites highly recommended.
  • The Starter Pack has two folders: server and client. Click to open the Server Folder; open the ‘run bat’ program, wait for appearance of Starter Pack Panel, enter a port for the server, click on Save and Compile and finally click on Run Server .Your private server is up and functioning ready for connection.
  • Forward your ports to your friends all you will have to know is the IP address to your router configuration. With this accomplished you can connect to your port from anywhere with proper client software. If you generated the server for private endeavors then consider not forwarding your ports.
  • Finally configure your client: – a program that connects to the server and makes it possible for you to play. Open Client Folder in the Starter Pack open the ‘run bat’ program, in the Set Title Field, enter your client name. Enter the IP address of your server in the Set Host Field also enter the specified port when setting up the server.
  • Click on Save and Compile.