SOG Backpack

The SOG backpack is top quality backpack which is designed for excellent performance. Some of the SOG backpack qualities include:

Durability- SOG backpacks is made up of top quality nylon material which is durable and abrasion resistant. The material is strong enough to handle all the activities that you want to perform using your backpack.

Water resistance- SOG backpack is mainly made of nylon material which has polyurethane that acts as a coating to the nylon material and is designed to help it increase its water resistant qualities.

Light weight- This backpack is light, a property which allows you to carry your luggage without having to sacrifice the backpack’s reliability.

Strength and Weight– The SOG backpack is made up of man made rubber which is strong enough and a material which is high performance. This is the same material used to insulate most wire products , making of top quality boats among others. The use of Hypalon material makes the SOG backpack stronger and light in weight.

Versatile– SOG is made of hypalon material which is resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals and liquids. The use of this material means that the backpack is able to soak up the fluids or liquids that might add some smell to the backpack.

ProtectionSOG backpack has a pocket on top of the pack which protect those contents that are inside the backpack from impact which might occur in a pack which is soft sided. The size and design of the SOG backpack pockets allows you to carry your cellphone, sunglasses or any other fragile items without worrying.

Flexibility – Inside the SOG backpack is a flexible pocket which is soft and closes allowing you to carry extra fragile items in place. It also has enough pockets for holding flashlights, pens and more tools.