Some Mind-Blowing Incidents In Sports

One of the best things about the world of sports is the amount of respect the players give and receive. The world of sports as we know it would cease to exist without respect and the players understand that. There are tons of incidences where the entire audience stood up and paid their respects to a certain player just because of something the player did. These events are really humbling to watch as well as awe-inspiring. One cannot help but respect the sportsmanship the players have and the things they do on the field. Some bow down in respect, some help their rivals to finish their races and some players like to 먹튀 (bounce in Korean)

Some Famous Gestures

As such heartwarming incidents are very common in the world of sports. Here are some of the best instances of player beaming with the sportsmanship spirit.

One very famous incident of this sort happened in 2017’s World Athletic Championship. It was the legendary Usain Bolt’s last match and he was competing against his rival Justin Gatlin. Justin defeated bolt but kneeled down to him at the end of the match to signify the end of the champion’s reign

Megan Vogel, in the 3200m state championship, helped a fellow runner, Arden McMath, finish the race after the former cramped up her leg in the middle of the race. Vogel received a thundering applause from the crowd as both of them finished the race.

In the world of cricket, players jumping and 먹튀 to celebrate their victory is common, but when Grant Elliot stopped all celebrations to go congratulate the other team for making it this far, the crowd went crazy with an appreciation for Elliot. He displayed one of the purest forms of sportsmanship.


While competitiveness and aggression on the field are very common these days and it is required to some extent, let’s not forget that respect is what keeps a game alive and keeps the audience coming back for more.