Star Citizen Reference Program: Sharing Reference Codes

Are you a gamer, who is Interested in playing a shooting game which can give you the real feel of playing it then you need to try star citizen. This game is designed by Cloud Imperium games and the developers take many years to design and develop it. Still, now the game is not available in the market and if you are willing to play it then you have to visit the official website of RSI which is providing the alpha version to download. If you are worrying paying for an alpha version then don’t worry because the game is about to launch in 2017 and you can also play the final version with same old alpha version account.

Information Regarding Game

You have to battle in space and you will be on a specific map/location. Still, now there are just 2 maps in it but these 2 are enough to play because of their wide ranges. You can purchase weapons and other gears but this thing requires UEC. Voyager store is the main place from where you can buy this kind of stuff. There is one more thing which is newly introduced and actually, this is not for playing in this game. This is an event called as Star Citizen Reference contest. In this contest, you have to invite people using the referral link.

What Is Referral link?

As you know that the referral link help in sharing your unique id by which you can get the bonus of adding people to RSI. The referral code contains 12 digit codes but the thing which is common in every referral code is STAR word. The best way to win in this contest is getting help from and everyone who will visit this website in hope of referral code is going to use your code.