The State Where Everything Can Happen

As they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas; you’re basically free to do every legal thing that you can imagine. Recently, Vegas and the entire state of Nevada have legalized the use and possession of weed. Nevada has become one of the states that legalized weed, specifically the fifth state. Of course there are restrictions concerning the usage and not just anyone can purchase. Well, you have to be aged 21 and above in order to purchase an ounce of weed at a time and no one can use it outside.

Weed in Nevada

Out if the millions of tourists that tour cities in Nevada every year, it’s estimated that they compose two out of three purchases from pot retailers. Dozens of people waited in line at the essence of Cannabis Dispensary on the Las Vegas street, it was chaotic during the first couple of days. Dispensaries all over the area did their best to prepare and keep up with the launch; stamping their labels on weed products, constantly stocking up the shelves, managing the checkout stations, all the while announcing their specials.

Voters approved the legislation only a couple of months ago. So for the record, in the US, it’s the quickest turnaround time from ballot box to sales. Just because Vegas and the entire state of Nevada offer more freedom doesn’t mean that you can use weed in a public place. Anyone caught smoking marijuana in public areas can be fined up to $600; public areas also include casinos, concert halls, parks, bars and restaurants. People can light up their joint in private homes including the porches and the yards. Sure you can walk down the street while holding one of your favorite adult beverage, but these rules can’t be applied to weed.