Taxi san bay: Things you have to Avoid

As much as all of us would want to have a safe travel to, from, and around Vietnam, or any destination it is, the reality is that there would always be some things you ought to avoid, and be wary of. One of these would have to be taxi san bay noi bai, or bad airport taxis. Scams are some of these factors, with some of these being so elaborate, that taxis and hotels actually cooperate just so that they are able to lure tourists in an deceive them into checking in to lesser-quality hotels. Other things you have to avoid are stated below, as well as ways in order to avoid them.

Taxi Scams

If you wish to take yourself around Vietnam, one of the things you have to keep in mind is that not all taxi services are legitimate. Having said that, make sure to avail of transportation services from those that are, such as Mai Linh, Taxi Group, or Vinasun. Other services, such as personal drivers might make use of meters that run faster than normal, with some of these taxis not even having a meter to begin with, making you spend more on fare than you should have.

Hotel Scams

Some of these scams cooperate with taxis, with them taking you to a “branch” of a hotel that really isn’t a branch after all after claiming that the hotel in which you initially booked is full when it actually isn’t, hence making you pay a little bit more while compromising the comfort you could have had in the real hotel you had booked prior. To avoid this, always bring along the confirmation message or email by your hotel in order for you to have something to show at the reception area.

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