The Features of Facebook Pages Manager

It has been proven by a lot of people that it is not an easy task to manage and update your Facebook pages, much more when you’re using your smartphones or tablets. A lot of people find managing their Facebook pages on their mobile devices a big hassle because there are a lot of glitches and it’s not at all streamlines.

Managing Pages Done the Right Way

However, Facebook has just solved that problem thanks to its Facebook Pages Manager app. The Facebook Pages Manager follows a similar pattern to the standard Facebook mobile app. However, it is specifically designed to manage different Facebook pages all at once. It really is very effective in making your life easier as you’ll find it very easy to manage your multiple Facebook pages wherever you are, and wherever you go.

The most common complaint that people get when they use the standard Facebook app is that managing their pages is challenging because there are a lot of glitches that pops up, as well as the hassle of having a small screen all tucked up with all the features you need to count in, in managing the pages. Well, Facebook Pages Manager solves that problem.

Features of the Facebook Pages Manager

With the help of the app, you can easily write your post, as well as comment and interact to the people who have commented on your post. Sharing photos has also never been easier before. You also get to receive constant notifications for the likes, reactions, comments, and new followers that your page gets.

Another cool feature of the app is that you get to know which admin posted a post. If you find some comments offensive, you can also block them and filter out what you want to have in your page. Facebook Pages Manager is really the thing. Get it now and see for yourself how cool it really is.

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