The Overall Impact of the Small Team Developers of Indie Games to the World of Gaming

Despite being developed by a small team on a relatively low budget, indie games are a significant part in the boost and development of gaming industry. Even though they lack in technical aspect, this weakness was being strengthened by making up for the charm, creativity, and imagination of the games. But with several platforms, how can indie games still have an impact to the gaming industry? According to Gert Kruger, here are the few reasons.

Indie games innovates fresh ideas. Generally speaking, developers of this type of game can take more risks to do something different. Big game publishers are more focused on gaining profit, so they generally choose to stick to a game that is surely profitable since a massive budget was invested on each of their game. What indie developers do is to create something new that’s not completely necessary perfect, but fun and entertaining.

Indie games build up the gaming community. These games developed and proposed a large variety of games which in result attracts people who wouldn’t have been interested in gaming at all. Before, direct online distribution helped indie games to reach players. But with the arrival of togel hongkong such as Steam and, it further boosted the awareness of indie games as it allowed the developers to publish, update, and directly advertise their games. Indie game developers are more directly engaged with the community as they consider their feedback and implement it to their next iteration of the game. In 2017, a 10% increase was seen in the global games market.

Indie games fill the market gap. As casual gamers wouldn’t like to spend money for expensive AAA titles, the look for small and fun games to pas time which is the fit description for indie games. Developers of this game often create a new set of genre which can result to a whole new subset of games that, in turn, can grow both the talent pool and the market.

Even though indie games don’t have a huge budget and the lines and graphics may be simple, the good concept and fun experience it possess may not be seen to the games being developed by big game publishers.